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Zoologist Perfumes Hummingbird – a harbinger of joy

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As I lay in the bed, typing these lines on my tablet (unfortunately the laptop has had it’s demise a couple of months earlier), storm Barney is howling outside, shaking the flat’s crappy windows  and making me want to hide under the duvet. That’s not typical behaviour for the purple and green dinosaur, the only Barney I knew so far. Although if I’m honest that’s a different kind of terror too, harking back to my child minding days, when Barney the dinosaur was the entertainment “de rigueur” and my brain felt like it was forever going to be induced by a Barney kind of numbness. Years after, I still remember the songs’ lyrics!

All in all, a dreary evening, and to cheer myself up a little bit I’ve decided to put on the latest thing to arrive through my letterbox: a sample of Hummingbird, the newest addition to the Zoologist Perfumes range. Well, people, it’s delightful! It’s as perky as they come, an energetic, tart cocktail of fruits and flowers resting on an oriental base with mossy and musky (the clean, slightly metallic type) undercurrents.

The beginning especially, is enchanting: a happy-go-lucky fruity concoction, with apple, cherry and pear being particularly noticeable to me, interlacing beautifully with a feminine rose-violet combo. The opening reminds me a bit of The Different Company I miss Violet which, in turn, was reminiscent of Éditions deParfums Lipstick Rose but with a sour green apple tang instead of sweet powder. I think the first minutes of the fragrances are really good at capturing a picture perfect landscape of fruit laden trees, nectar filled flowers and  unending blue skies. The hummingbirds, little whimsical creatures, in a myriad of jewel toned colours, would feel at their ease surrounded by this fantastic, fairytale like garden.

Hummingbird progresses to a more grown up style of abstract flowers, to be honest I can’t really distinguish any particular one during this stage, it’s a bit like that amorphous haze you can sense in a florist’s shop, only more voluptuous and sweeter, definitely not as cool, humid and green as in Jour d’Hermès for example.

It’s still very pretty, but not as pretty as in the beginning, loosing a bit of that “fanciful flight drunk on nectar” impression. A streak of seriousness infiltrates the perfume, the mood is darker, and the day is slowly giving way to night. The tiny hummingbirds are resting in hidden moss and twigs nests, flowers are exhaling their fragrant night breath and nocturnal animals have started to prowl about the territory, a faintly metallic musk suggesting a hint of unnerving danger amidst a beautiful dream. Yet, don’t expect something terribly erotic or even sensual, that is not the point of this perfume. I think it is meant to be more than anything else charming and carefree, without being dumb or excessively young and girly. It is a womanly kind of pretty, and I can relate to that. It does good to the soul in the middle of a storm.


Top Notes: Apple, Cherry, Citrus, Lilac, Muguet, Plum, Rose, Violet Leaf

Heart Notes: Honey, Honeysuckle, Mimosa, Peony, Tulip, Ylang

Base Notes: Amber, Coumarin, Cream, Moss, Musks, Sandalwood, White Woods


My name is Ana and I'm a lover. A perfume lover, a music lover (especially Depeche Mode and Nick Cave), a movies lover, a books lover, and above all else a lover of some wonderful people in my life (my parents, my partner and a few loyal friends). As you can see, love defines me, and with you I want to share my love for beautiful perfumes. I hope I will inspire you to try some of them yourselves. Come with me on a dream journey

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