You have NEVER quite smelled anything like this before…The Chariots of Love Collection from Tabacora Parfums.

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The Chariots of Love Collection by Tabacora Perfumes will usher you to Providence in 2016 faster than any other acclaimed perfume or arcane route taken. Tabacora Perfumes, they are indeed that much more Mystifying. The experience is akin to the ‘Metaphysical’ as pure unadulterated Concentrated Perfume Oil dances oh so effortlessly on the skin serenading it with beautiful notes of resins, woods, ambers, florals, spices, herbs and a special duet courtesy of Gurjum (Balsam) and Cypriol (Nagarmotha). The quality of the perfumes are uncompromising but amazingly regal splendor and unapologetically Oriental. The scent of the orient is captured almost lifelike utilizing the themes:

Images of Love in the background of the Tragic Finale-SALIM ATTAR

The Strength of feelings in the background of tragic love-ANARKALI ATTAR

Together they form Tabacora Perfumes Chariots of Love Collection. Since we are experiencing deeply moving oriental perfume attars which are customary in the Orient and India the strength of the notes are very prominent with the absence of alcohol. As with most perfumes the notes of oriental offerings have a peculiar tendency to become blunted with the presence of alcohol and other fillers but with Tabacora Perfumes you experience the full range of Oudh and resins and so much more. The Chariots of Love are a Beautiful thing.

Tabacora perfumes are a budding brand direct from Poland and as the winners of the prestigious 2015/2016 Laurel Award in Poland for their ‘Expert Laurel’ SALIM ATTAR they shall bloom soon enough as the accolades for Salim Attar has passed on to Facebook with a pretty fervent following. Salim was the first offering followed by Anarkali which both lead on a Journey to India to which they say captures…’The Mystical Aura of the Orient’… Indeed they both do and very well starting with stunning presentation.

Enter, drop dead gorgeous hand held perfume glass bottles with statement crowns celebrating opulence, vanity and sheer magnetism! Like mentioned before; you have never smelled or seen something like this before. Tabacora Perfumes are the ultimate experience if you require your perfumes with massive depth or as they say in the Orient: “Fawah”


Oh. Salim Attar is so rich and robust with light ethereal Woody-aromatic-light smoky blends and paralyzing neutral sweetness that one cannot resist applying liberally. One may smell many different aromas with this conception as they arranged with the ultimate precision. There is Oudh in it but it is more of the light and buttery which could be a cross blend of Laos and Indian. Lately Oudh has transformed form the offensive to the tolerable but Salim is different. The Oudh welcomes and beckons you to indulge. It is rich, it is soothing it is comforting that it almost wears on you like cashmere wool. The Oudh is so beautiful It dares you to put it down. Following Oudh is light accents of leather which is more suede with Gurjum. The herbal pits and pieces of this composition is Cypriol. It is the Cypriol and and Iris combination that magnifies the ethereal aesthetic. By now Salim is a serious candidate for mass consumption based on the initial ingredients but then there is the Musk/Amber/Rose/Saffron that accentuates the neutrality of sweet. It is not overpowering or overbearing but more strategic! Lastly, there will be Pachouli, the scent saver that completes the perfect oudh-oriental package. It really boosts the performance of this perfume. You have smelled many light oudh ethereal blends before like Oudh Wood-Tom ford, Oudh Palao-Diptyque but Salim takes a different turn as it is so lovely that you cannot describe it at times. Thats how great this Laurel award winner is. It is Unisex so the duality theme is absent. Salim is inclusive however beyond exceptional.


Where Salim is light and potent Anarkali is Dark, thick, syrupy, coffee like, woody rich and resinous. It is delicious. Anarkali works on the palate as it smells so edible. Anarkali contains some of the same notes as Salim but somehow morph into something else. The difference is in the Cedar, a darker amber, very potent sandalwood and the presence of Davana which adds to the unique richness of this formula. The Davana brings the dark syrupy-sweetness with its penetrating aura. There is some smoky undertones but its the Labadanum that does the trick. It tricks you into thinking there is some oudh but at this point who knows. It smells so Noir and Magnifique! After the initial dry down a resinous aftertaste appears which melts down to a soothing incense. Anarkali starts of rich resinous and smoky before settling down to incense and moist ash but don’t forget the lingering syrup scent thrown in between. After my first initial test i applied more and more and came to the conclusion that it can mimic coffee, dates and possibly Cambodian Oudh from the Davana but Anarkali is a shapeshifting scent with excellent craftsmanship for a darker and more nocturnal vibe. Like Salim it is also tremendous but beyond exceptional.

Hence, The Chariots of Love Collection by Tabacora Perfumes is one to make Mystified. It is true Alchemy in a bottle

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    My name is DERRICK MEMEH, and CEO of CASCADES LUXURY in Nigeria. Sometime in 2016/17, your company sent me free samples of your really nice perfumes/oils.
    What are your footprints in Nigeria, if any?
    It will be nice to explore areas of mutual benefits.


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