Woodcut by Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids

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I may be short on words for this review, because I really want to just say—just go, leave wherever you may be, and purchase a sample of Woodcut, or a bottle if you are one of those blind-buying types. Whatever you do, find a way to sniff this immediately.

Woodcut is by a very long shot, the most natural woody fragrance I have come across. To be such a simple composition, it comes off extremely full bodied. I mean, I have smelled fragrances with a grocery list of notes and known of them come off as natural or “complete” as Woodcut. I love challenges and Woodcut is the Master of Tricks, at first sniff, I was floored—it felt as if I just walked into shop class back in High school. Where 20 or so students, would be chopping, burning all types of woods, namely-cedar. Take that aroma of dusty cedar wood and oak, right before it settles and sprinkle some cocoa powder in the air, that’s the opening to Woodcut.

Flowers & Trees
Rough Cut Wood, Rough Pine, Rough Cut White Oak, Cypress Rough Cut
Food & Drink
Cocoa, Nuts, Sweet, Dessert, Food

Woodcut stays dry and aromatic, never falling into the resinous, second-layer of skin realm. I like the fact it’s light on its feet and not over-bearing, but it’s still ever-changing. Let’s return back to my first impression, I believe there to be no cocoa powder in this, but that’s what it comes off as. Throughout my testing, I never got that cedar/cocoa combination again, but fret not, it’s usually cedar/cedar or even cedar/pine, which are both perfectly composed opening, if you ask me.

Up close and personal, Woodcut smells like a bucket of sawdust deep in the heart, but there is still this mouth-watering, airy caramel note lingering in the air, it’s slightly sweet, slightly burnt, and full blown delicious. Imagine walking into a newly built log cabin and in it are newly made festive pine tree ornaments (I know so stereotypical) Now, take the smell of the brand new log cabin, pine tree ornaments strewn about and lastly, there are caramel candies being roasted over and oven. That’s Woodcut in a nutshell.

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