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This project shall be one of its kind, it shall grow to more than just a fragrance review blog. FragranceDaily shall become a resource for indiependent fragrance reviews by true scent lovers. All authors have their own story, why fragrances came to be an important part of their life. This lifeblood flows into the word of their publications here.

You may say “Wait, did you say indiependent? I know that Essenza Nobile, an commercially minded online store, has the patronage for this project!”. Yes, that is correct. We host this project and we sell fragrances – and the most important thing: we are fragrance lovers ourselves. So we decided to take a new approach and reached out to talented fragrance reviewers. We give them the opportunity to test new fragrances on a regular base and write about them. Honest. No fake reviews. No sales pitch. Just true opinions by true afficionados.

Have fun with FragranceDaily.com

Hi, my name is Sjörn Plitzko and I am the ecommerce manager of the online store Essenza Nobile. I am from Germany, now 35 years old and - to be honest - never liked fragrances before. Until I found the perfect enviroment to grow my new love, once I started to work for Essenza in 2009. Now I am fully attached to the world of niche fragrance. I like it woody, dark, dirty, shiny, glowing, sparkling, fresh, balsamic, musky, ambery, spicy, floral and so much more - The love for scent is a just neverending journey - let's explore!

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  1. Thanks Sjorn for this blog. And thanks for letting me write for it.

    Without it, it would be really hard for me to get samples to write about, and no fragrance oriented forum to truly write on.

    It’s an honour. As I’m sure my friend feels the same way.

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