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Treffpunkt 8 Uhr – J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

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Treffpunkt 8 UhrBerlin – a city with enormous history. From being all the way up there to crashing down completely to working itself all the way up again. A city that used to be devided and completely surrounded by another country. Berlin is special, eccentric and colourful and the same is promised about J.F. Schwarzlose’s fragrances (“eccentric, extravagant and as iridescent as Berlin”).

‘Treffpunkt 8 Uhr’ is an interpretation of a Schwarzlose classic (unfortunately, I couldn’t find out which one), starting with mango and ginger before adding sage as the heart note and vetiver as the base. While this doesn’t sound very exiting, the fragrance is quite lovely. I wouldn’t call it unusual or eccentric, but it’s a nice fresh mix with a lovely vetiver dry down and good longevity. Perfect for the office, but too light and close to the skin for much more. The company describes their fragrances as “confident, cosmopolitan, contemporary and racy” but even though I agree with contemporary, confident and racy ‘Treffpunkt’ is not.

I do like the packing with the minimalist, heavy bottle, the interesting logo and the handmade brass cap, but since J.F. Schwarzlose fragrances are quite pricey, I would want something a bit more special for my investment. I will definitely check out their other fragrances soon though.

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