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The Perfect Aquatic?

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This is an aquatic of truly natural nature. Something that I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for, an accurate depiction of walking the shorelines of the sea.

Last month I walked several hundred miles up the Oregon coast. My nose bombarded everyday by many smells.

The salt in the air.

The dirty smell of brine and hot sands.

The sweet coldness of the sea.

The moss growing sympatically with the old trees that cover the coast as you move inland off of the sand.

Beautiful scents, beautiful memories in time, the perfect notes came together while I walking.

They are what Sel Marin is. I love it.

Absolutely adore it. According to Heeley the official note breakdown is lemon and Sicilian bergamot over marine salt and algae, with a base of vetiver, birch, and cedar.


For me it defenitely opens up with a burst of sparkling citruses.
Which, very soon mixes with a light airy transparent green note.
Then salt and sea water come into play. Those, they smell like…. when at night, a cool breeze is bringing the salt from the sea to a shore after a hot summer day.

Like a wave of relief. On me it last a good six to eight hours.

It has a bit of a grassy/herbal touch to it at this point. Maybe algea or seaweed growing on the rocks, burning in the summer sun, salt kissed by the sea waves every now and then.

And as it dries down, it doesn’t change much, just a little bit of clean musk and pinch of cedar wood.

Lemon and sea water.

Two basic components portrayed here.

Sel Marin is perfect.


I don’t know…

I’ve searched for the perfect aquatic and it’s very, very very close.

Sel Marin has one flaw, the cascalone backbone.

And it drives me nuts. It’s a terrible molecule. It plagues aquatics like, well the plague.


Maybe something like aphermate, or helional, dimethyl sulfate or Ambroxan would be more suitable, more natural.

I don’t really know.

Maybe I thought too much about it.

Nat? Help me.



I think you overthought it completely. It’s a simple scent, it needs a simple understanding.

It’s perfect.

What’s damn cascalone anyways?

I’m trying to sleep.


It’s what I smelled like in highschool.

It’s the stuff sixteen year old douchebags are made out of.



I still think you’re missing the point.

I don’t think you’ve ever smelled the Mediterranean.

Jim: {interrupting}

No I haven’t.


Shut up Jim.

I know the problem. Since you’ve never smelled the Mediterranean you could never know if it’s perfect or not. Once you smell it, you’ll stop doubting. It’s just one of those things you have to smell in person. It’s a perfectly finished aquatic. One day you’ll see.


I know, literally that’s my next adventure if I have it my way.

Sail the Mediterranean. Explore like a smelly pirate…

A guy I met on my hiking trip who had sailed the seas for five years told me how to do it affordable.

I guess I’ll see if you’re right.

Maybe Sel Marin is the best an aquatic can get.


Shut up Jim, I’m trying to sleep.



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