The Dynamic Duet of C’i’aan & Aka’ula by Source Adage NYC

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C’i’aan and Aka’ula make quite an impressive debut to the ‘Fragosphere’ in 2017. As exotic and enigmatic as these two fragrances may seem at first glance they will exceed your expectations for daring to dabble into the unknown. Housed in two black mysterious flacons with titles in what appears to be Arial-print and lowercase lettering C’i’aan and Aka’ula is most likely to pique the curiosity of even the most elite fragrance cognoscenti. That’s because at face value C’i’aan and Aka’ula demand attention. C’i’aan and Aka’ula intercepted mine after a brief bout with procrastination! Upon smelling C’i’aan which is pronounced like you would say -‘Key-on’- I was left in full blown bliss. Wow, I thought. The notes in this are almost to surreal but I will save the details for the next paragraph. After being mesmerized for 15 minutes or so-or maybe longer-I received the same exact euphoria for Aka’ula. While C’i’aan was ethereal, Aka’ula was fruity and smoky with light gourmand notes. I could not put a finger on the scent right way but after sampling for 2 hours I had a general idea of what one would expect from Aka’uala and it is great news.

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Remember that I briefly described C’i’aan as ethereal. The explanation is in the strategic amount of mint intertwined with a crisp freshly sliced apple. From this you are left with a pleasant sweet smell that is not in excess. Bravo for Source Adage who has the audacity to create an interesting roster of notes so far. The next impressive note is a Fragrant Juniper CO2 extract which renders a vibrant green forest smell that is infinitely sensual and very commanding. C’i’aan is akin to sipping fresh mint tea in a dense forest by late afternoon sans wildlife. The theme chosen for this was Alaska but the result is celestial, C’i’aan is just that good. Next, some Fir needles are thrown in to embrace you while chewy caramel amber is thrust upon a bevy of cedar notes it seems like. By the smell of things C’i’aan was planned and carefully executed with such precision that it warrants a new standard for Juniper based fragrances. C’i’aan is the best of both worlds, Green and Ozonic at the onset and warm and very metropolitan in the dry down so that one might not be frightened by the outdoors standing next to you. In fact, C’i’aan is the ultimate seduction once the Metropolitan appeal kicks in. That warm chewy amber and cedar mixed with the green mint and apple does wonders on the Dopamine receptors in the brain. C’i’aan can easily move from the Alaskan-Artic wilderness to the Paris Metro and conclude along the Champs Elysees for it is truly astounding.


When I smelled this I couldn’t describe it. It has a familiar spirit to it: like something smoky, with cade oil and a match accord. But after 5 minutes, I thought how could I ever be so wrong. It moved from smokiness to fresh berries to aldehydic notes. I was still wrong. Later I smelled coffee and then vanilla until I became frustrated and decided to investigate. At present, there is a preliminary consensus that Aka’ula is a mature version of Aventus which seems exciting. However, my nose leads me away from Aventus and more towards a smidgen of POLO Blue but that’s just a smidgen. The ‘Berries-Grapefruit’ scent that everyone is latching on to is the Pineapple, yes Pineapple. Then with a blend of Vetiver it provides an alleged Aventus vibe.  Aka’ula is a woody fragrance built around the pineapple note but the next ingredients are what differentiates it from the comparisons. Note by note Aka’ula unfolds into something very special. Aka’ula continues with the CO2 extracts but for this round it is a very spicy ginger. It is the spicy ginger and pineapple that is throwing everyone off I think but it was done in good taste. Next is the Oudh, after that it is coffee, finalized by vanilla and some undisclosed somewhat generic smoke notes. It is more Oudhy with fresh ashes than plain generic smoke. If you are really adept you can even detect a faint smell of pineapple leaves. So what does Aka’ula really smell like…I say Ginger Ale-Coffee-Oudh with a slice of pineapple while pleasant smoke and ashes carry throughout the day or evening if you prefer. It is Cavalier and uplifting and will not disappoint especially in the dry down. Aka’ula truly personifies smooth sophistication.

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