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Sample Impressions: Bond no. 9’s Sutton Place

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Recently Bond has been gaining a lot of positive press in the fragrance forums. In particular, Bleecker Street has become a bit of a hot commodity, and through Bleecker, many enthusiasts are discovering their other offerings.

Enter Sutton Place, a hypermodern Bond no.9 fragrance with a bottle that won’t give children nightmares. Admittedly, when I first saw the bottle and description of this fragrance, I knew that I had to get my hands on a sample.

Surprisingly, it turns out that the refined, masculine bottle fits the character of this fragrance. Before reading the sample, I read on the forums that it smells like Aventus (why does everything have to smell like Aventus?). As usual, this fragrance doesn’t smell like Aventus. And there is no actual similarity except for the vanillic and fruity elements.

With Sutton Place, pink pepper is the star of the show. In many popular niche fragrances, such as Frapin’s L’Humaniste, pink pepper dominates. In Sutton place however, the pink pepper dominates without dominating, providing a lift and sparkling texture to the other notes. Along with the fizzy texture provided by pink pepper, the fruity citrus elements are most obvious at the opening of the fragrance. The second half of the fragrance is very much a vanilla and patchouli bomb, but still has a slightly fizzy texture and a fruity tinge to it.

It’s quite pleasant, and I’m not known to be a van of the Bond no. 9 house. In the case of Sutton Place, the fragrance retains Bond’s designer and fashion forward aesthetic, but manages to successfully combine the style with a quality blend and competent artistry.

It also will announce your presence like an out of tune airhorn. Those who like strong fragrances will adore Sutton Place, as on my skin it is disproportionately huge in longevity, sillage, and projection. On the other hand, those like me who prefer average or more subtle fragrances might be intimidated by its strength. Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant fragrance, and probably won’t offend unless oversprayed.

Would I buy it?: Possibly, if I was nearby a Bond counter and in the mood for an easy to wear, classy, designer-like fragrance. It’s a Bond no. 9 with a nice bottle, and it’s also easy to wear and enjoyably complex. Well done Bond ;). Two thumbs up.

The fragrance “Sutton Place” by Bond no. 9 is available at Essenza Nobile.

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