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Sultan Pasha Attars…”For their cup runneth over”…Hail Anatolia!

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Sultan Pasha attars is a very luxurious perfume house from the UK that specializes in pristine quality perfume oil compositions that rival most expensive niche perfumes. The craftsmanship is so good,.. so pristine, precise…that it is akin to a cup of a wine spilling over at the most opportune times. The scents are so inebriating it really feels like you have been over indulging but the nice thing is there is hangover. Sultan Pasha is a must try for those who want to take a step above-in the name of fragrance- the current offerings in the niche market. Feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the myriad of Oriental and French Oriental candidates, Sultan Pasha offers a broad range of the aforementioned  culprits with dynamic possibilities.

There are florals, there are ambers, there are musks, there are Oudhs. Then there are resins,  there are spices, and numerous variations of incense which is the best thing about Sultan Pasha. If you like incense there are scents that will take transport you back in time to the Ottoman Empire or the ancient land of Anatolia which is now modern day turkey.. The scents of Sultan Pasha are engaging. So, everything you are looking for in a unique fragrance with crisp powerful and clear notes minus the over utilized synthetics your pilgrimage for olfactory nirvana begins and never ends here.

The perfumes are more a combination of East meets West: Flrals with oudh, ambers with coffee, Gardenia combined with Deer Musk and spices, Tobacco flower blends and experimentation with only the best Oudh on the planet: Ensar Oudh. Yes folks, Ensar Oudh. Sultan Pasha manages to mix some of the most potent REAL-ORGANIC oudh produced by Ensar in some  interesting compositions like Al Hareem Blanc that will pique the curiosity of the most staunch Oudh naysayers.

His mastery of florals with risk taking combinations reflects the mood and the direction of this house and that is no way but up…into the stratosphere. For example, stratospheric comparisons brings up the fragrance Cafe Ambre Noir. Just when you think the ‘Coffee’ theme has been overrun and a bit trite Sulshan Pasha dials up the pomposity with an interesting amber blend that will immediately stop one ”Dead in their tracks’. Cafe Ambre Noir is so unique and amazing that any attempts to build or expand beyond this fragrance are just plain futile.

To simplify matters a walk through the Sultan Pasha Fragrance Bazaar is best to grasp the immortality of these elixirs:

Al Hareem Blanc – This is probably the thickest, richest and mildly sweet oudh scent to arrive in a while. Sultan Pasha uses a blend of Assam Oudh, Bengali Oudh and Mysore sandalwood, The combination of the three is powerful but not overbearing as Assam Oudh in attars can really set ones bearings straight. Sultan takes a light approach by using Butter Notes? Yes Butter notes mixed with Ambergris, tuberose saffron and Gardenia. The blend itself is captivating and mildly sweet as it mixes very well with  Oudh making it almost peanut buttery at crucial points in time. But the Gardenia-Saffron mix is apparent but nicely done. There is Skunk/Musk notes which provides a slight animalic edge which makes this strange but after 45 minutes it is absolutely beautiful. This is truly a must try as well as wear. If your worried that it might by too vertical there is tobacco, Cade and Black Cumin. Already, the feedback equals masterpiece.

Cafe Ambre Noir – This is the Homerun Coffee fragrance of the year. Let me repeat that….this is the Coffee Fragrance of the year. This fragrance is perfect in every way. Sultan Pasha ‘Brilliantly’ blends a potent Kenyan coffee blend with espresso shot overtones mixing Honey, Tonka, Cocoa, Vanilla. Just when you think that the ingredients so far are linear, Sultan Pasha races for the finish line with a mystifying blend of Hindi Oudh, Beeswax, Castoreum, Ambergris and a nice touch of Beeswax!. You can smell the beeswax as it is flirts with the hint of lip balm smell mixing gently with the caffeine notes. However, Sultan Pasha takes chances and educates the wearer at the same time. Its is far from a an experiment gone wrong but more of a carefully contrived masterpiece. There is also Hyrex in it. Wow, never heard of Hyrex until Sultan Pasha, You will absolutely adore Cafe Ambre Noir. The best Coffee perfume so far. The rules have been re-written.

Encens Chypre– Wow. This is an experience in scent. Just beautiful soft but very lively notes of Peachy Fruits-Florals-Citrus followed by Oudh, resins rosewood and Oakmoss. Keeping with the oriental tradition Sultan uses Clary Sage, Jasmin, Animalic notes (Civet, Musk, Ambergris, Castoreum) Balsam notes and more which they do not disclose! At first sniff, the fruity-floral presence is apparant but later picks up a boozy exotic scent with hints of Tobacco. Then it settles into soft incense like smoldering ash after a fire has been burning for hours with the scent of fruity florals and animalic notes. Once again, the mesmerizing blends of Sultan Pasha will whip you headfirst into a frenzy.

Shadee Blend – Once again Sultan uses 10+ secret ingredients but whats compelling about how Deer Musk is transformed into a brand new scent with Jasmine-Gardenia-Tuberose followed by Taifi Rose. The Sandlewood and Pachouli smooth the rough edges which makes this a very addicting scent. Deer Musk is usually very potent, dark and appearing intensely gothic to the wearer but those elements are re-distributed in this creation. Its Creamy, Black Musky-ish, sweet deep florals and Tumeric. You will love this just for the creativity…but the Deer Musk in this sets the tone.

Tabac Grande – Tobacco blended right. Minus the ingredient list I smell Oudh, light balsamic, Hone, Wet Tobacco, Syrup notes and light spices. It almost hints of cinnamon but flirts with the honey. There might be Sandlewwod and incense notes but Sultan Pasha is so secret with their profiles one does not really need to know…just enjoy

The best news about Sultan Pasha is that there is over 50 perfume attars with endless blends, secret blends and exotic blends. Sultan Pasha Attars despite the numerous compositions somehow avoid the ‘Linear’ death knell as most perfumes encounter using the exact same ingredients as Pasha. But as mentioned…Their Cup runneth over…and with 50+ fragrances there is a reason why.

Among other Sultan Pasha Fragrances that are worthy of a Taste are, Incense Royale, Pure Incense, Amber Narcotique, Ensar Rose, various Oudh blends, Ocean of Flowers and many more. If you’re ever on eBay just type in ‘scents-rarity’ in the search and begin your journey with Sultan Pasha. You will never be disappointed.





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