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Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777- Black Gemstone

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Not wanting to be know artis

Don’t mind my little scribble scratch. That’s just what came to mind one morning after applying 3 or so sprays of Black Gemstone. It’s safe to say that Sir Gemstone wouldn’t be voted Most Popular in a high school yearbook. Sir Gemstone barely made it to Senior Photo Day after all, but in a short span of four years, Sir Gemstone transitioned from the decaying Goth aesthetic to full blown avant-garde!

Black Gemstone has an extreme case of A.D.H.D. and that works very well with my own A.D.H.D. Every wearing, I am delighted with a different facet of Gemstone. You have the ashy, bone dry Gemstone, the resinous growth upon one’s skin Gemstone, tart lemon with a hint of molten tar Gemstone, burning rubber Gemstone and my favorite days are when all facets come together harmoniously for the first 4 hours. That’s what I like to call, the chaotic-toddler after a 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew- Gemstone.  Mmmm mmm, I love me some fragrances with chaos.

Now let’s get back to my scribble scratch of an illustration up there. Black Gemstone is deep, resinous, dark, damp, woody, dry and charred. So I’m not quite sure why it leads me to think of death of all things, but it quickly reminded me of those dewy old crypts one would find beneath a 1000 year old church somewhere in France.  Is that what you were shooting for Mr. Lucas?!


Nevertheless, I love Black Gemstone!  It fits my personality, maybe not so much the death and cryptic aspects I sniff from it, but when the dust settles you’re left with a dark, woody scent with some resinous amber lingering in there. The latter part being my cuppa tea.

Hi I am Narada! I discovered my love for all things fragrant after two years of living in France and running out of my sole bottle of cologne that I took with me, YSL L'Homme. Probably the greatest place on earth to run out of your signature scent. I tried to visit every perfumerie from Spain, all the way to Hungary. So, many of my reviews, stories and shorts may reference my travels. Enjoy!

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