Starck Perfumes MAGNIFICENT debut of Peau de Pierre!

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Peau de Pierre is quite an interesting find for the perfume cognoscenti in 2016. In fact, it is an inquisitive find. With exactly two more weeks until we finally approach 2017 and smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, Peau de Pierre could not have arrived at a better time. stealthily slated as a woody-earthy-smoky creation with miniscule ingredients Stark took the meandering path in place of the well traveled mundane to instill a strict policy of brutal non-disclosure with the only available information as ‘Woody’ and ……’synthetic’ notes? There is a famous American adage that I find a little trite, unimaginative as well as boring ( I will however stick to the famous epigrammatic wit of Oscar Wilde) “Curiosity killed the cat”, but in defense of Peau de Pierre Starck Perfumes ‘Birthed’ this cat. I happened to stumble upon Peau de Pierre by sheer accident, literally. It was the peculiar design on the face of the bottle that piques the most interest since founder Phillipe Starck is already renown for his sleek design prowess so Peau de Pierre makes perfect sense.

Let me begin by admitting that I sampled Peau de Pierre for a full month. I sampled at home, on the Subway at rush hour which to your delight Pierre received several compliments mostly from millenials and ‘Thirty Somethings’. I even went to sleep and would awake to sample again in the dead middle of night. Pierre just smells so good it leaves you curious about guessing the notes.

Peau de Pierre went with me to my local watering hole where I sample some fine Scottish Whiskey. Pierre even matched well with whiskey but you should refrain from the mish-mashing unless you are a novice at the olfactory Olympics. Once again, Peau de Pierre did not disappoint as the bartender asked for a swipe. Being the gothic type that she is and is really not into perfume she absolutely adored it leaving me to ponder what is in the appeal of Pierre.

When you first sniff Peau de Pierre you experience deja-vu. Does it smell like Serge Luten’s Santal Majuscule or Bvlgari Black? I add that between the two Peau de Pierre has ‘some’ elements with both and possibly a far away distant cousin to Bvlgari Black and I mean faraway. Peau de Pierre is its own familiar. Instantly, you feel the Vetiver and Tonka and ‘other’ things which are not present at first since Starck has taken that route of non-disclosure and left us to toil with minimal information such as ‘WOODY NOTES’. You can thank the perfumer Daphne Bugey-who I will keep an eye on-who did such a terrific job taunting us with such mouth watering notes in Peau de Pierre. Starck chooses to leave us with wonderfully synthetic molecules I presume since there are surface descriptions. Everything about Pierre is left to the imagination and acuity in detecting certain notes. To give you an idea, Peau de Pierre goes through 4 phases from my expert review

1- Vetiver to Tonka bean and Vanilla bean. Is Vetiver really in here or s subdued Oak Moss

2- Notes of Chalk, Leather, Vetiver, Tonka and Vetiver

3- Vetiver, Tonka, Incense, moist green notes, mint, and Vanilla bean frosting which is DELICIOUS if you can find it

4- Since we are in the Holiday season lets throw in some Egg Nogg…spiked of course

Damn Starck perfumes. They really nailed this one. Peau de Pierre has the distinct advantage of morphing into various scents at various stages with various synthetic notes. Starck perfumes did as advertised classifying it as Woody-Earthy-Smoky. It is everything you would look for in a sophisticated luxury scent. If you’re into smooth and cavalier luxury scents like Emeshel Y, L’ Instant de Guerlain pour home Eau Extreme, Dior Homme, YSL L’Homme, than Peau de Pierre has the exact smooth finishing and dreamy like presence as the ones mentioned. Pierre is warm, comforting but mostly has some extreme sex appeal. If you decided to influence a significant other Peau de Pierre is the exact culprit to do it. Just don’t grab’em in the biscuits like some president elect soon to take office January 20, 2017…..What a nightmare that will be!

Finally, Peau de Pierre can be classified as a gourmand oriental than just a plain ol ‘Woody’ like they want us to believe. You get a whiff of hot sand from Abu Dhabi, cool air from the Russian steppes, that invade the Persian Gulf and the so-called woody scent that even reminds you of Baklava with an ice cold glass of milk. Yes indeed folks with Peau de Pierre you are in for a delectable treat. For Daphne Bugey and Phillip Starck Peau de Pierre leaves the brand off to an impressive first start. I think this will be my New Years Eve scent.


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