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Shhh….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

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Shhhh!….Be QUIET and scroll down..its L’Eau Scandaleuse by Anatole Lebreton

L'EAU Scandaleuse


Now that you have done the smartest thing so far in 2015-by scrolling down-lets keep tally of the Tuberose and Leather wars in the past years:


TNT- PK Perfumes

Miss Dior – Christian Dior

Kelly Caleche – Hermes

Vierges et Toreros – Etat Libre d’Orange

Fan di Fendi – Fendi

Shams Al Aseel – Al Rehab

Sound familiar or-unfamiliar-the Tuberose and Leather duet still plays on in all it’s fervor taking one down its bewitching and sometimes dangerous scented path leaving no room for the meek at heart..only the daring which L’Eau Scandaleuse is perfectly made for: THE DARING

The Daring like a little antagonism mixed with their Tuberose & Leather so why not introduce some Castoreum..its the perfect edge for a ‘Scandalous Water’ perfume: (L’Eau Scandaleuse) since it’s quickly finding its way home in present day commercial/niche  fragrances. The push for a non-whimsical animalic Beaver-like musk was the idea of the talented perfumer Anatole Lebreton who bases his creations on..the Primal Instinct…Travel..and the never quite tamed. L’Eau Scandaleuse is just so rightly THAT!

So, while the Leather-Tuberose-Castoreum linger the Ylang Ylang comes in ever so dirty to push it into the old library book with a leather bound category. Usually this  combination would be cliche but instead L’Eau Scandaleuse is just waking up, it has not yet come alive. We now know that Tuberose, Leather, and Ylang Ylang are the notes that stand out and with good reason because thats the scandal in this, in that it flirts with dirty and darkest of ideas but its the inclusion of the Peach and Bergamot with Oakmoss where the fun begins.

The Fruity-Oakmoss feel really makes it palatable and even conversational at times. It smoothes the roughest of edges many perfumes fail to do by leaving an 5:00 AM ‘Morning Breath’ when trying to combine the above ingredients with Leather. It just does not work or it just fails miserably. However, L’Eau Scandaleuse stays the course and promises plenty of sillage and projection that won’t dare have you reaching for mouthwash or breath mints, L’Eau Scandaleuse is the breath. A Breath of fresh warm sandlike Oriental air with a hint of fruit. It is an Oriental perfume for the Romantics of old but made for the right now’s!

Thats the sheer brilliance in this fragrance in that it does not conform to perfumes with similar ingredients it deviates. It deviates into the real deep smoky, woody, herbaceous and sometimes leather hemisphere of Davana oil and Nagarmotha (Cypriol)…not to be confused with Cypress. These two ingredients accentuate the flavor  in a “piston-like” manner to more of a smoking leather on hot coals while Davana represents the suede leather effect. Akin to the underside of a leather belt. Brilliant…Brilliant…exceedingly Brilliant.

Anatole Lebreton really set himself apart from the hordes Of Tuberose & leather’s coming and soon to come. While some will play it safe and make a right turn to commercial perfume conformity and load Tuberose-Leather with the Benzoin, Vanilla, and Rose’s of the world, L’Eau Scandaleuse avoids the rigid lineup by creatively playing with dark and dangerous notes while experimenting with fruits for the final olfactory-kinetics stamp of approval.

Run, don’t walk for this. It’s really breathtaking…


Shhhhhh..L’Eau Scandaleuse






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