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Sampling Thoughts: Frapin’s 1270

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Frapin’s 1270:

The roots of the Frapin family, renowned producers of cognac, can be traced to the year 1270. Unsurprisingly, the house of Frapin decided to pay tribute to this history with a perfume.

On my skin, 1270 opens with a blast of booze-saturated pineapple. Perhaps there is some significant reason why the Frapin family history is highlighted with boozy pineapple (royal pineapple?), but this reviewer wouldn’t know the reason. Nonetheless, the pineapple is syrupy and unambiguous, with a distinct boozy vibe further enhancing its sweetness. On some review websites, there seems to be some confusion over whether or not the pineapple note actually exists. Well, it was more than obvious to me, even though this pineapple seems to have been soaked in a rather large vat of alcohol.

Truly, if you enjoy sweet fragrances, the opening and mid of 1270 are wonderful. As the fragrance begins to dries down, the pineapple and other fruity top notes fade into memory as the honeyed resins are drawn to the surface. At this point, 1270 smells like I spilled expensive cognac on myself while wearing Aventus a classy member of the ancient nobility, sauntering through the family distillery, the smell of wood barrels, alcohol, and indistinctly sweet fruits mingling in the humid air.


With all of its sweet and edible notes, one might be tempted to classify 1270 as a gourmand. While I can understand this perspective, I would disagree. Rather than being edible, 1270 smells positively drinkable, and intoxicates the senses in a manner that might remind the wearer of nosing a glass of aged scotch or cognac. Throughout the dry down, the sweet vanillic elements mingle with the resins, honey and spices. It manages to remain both abstract and thick, spiced while being eminently smooth. For some, this is where 1270 might lose points for uniqueness, since this sort of spiced and slightly fruity vanilla dry down has certainly been done before.

Performance is decent, but fairly unremarkable for a boozy fragrance. 1270 seems to have stronger projection than sillage. It projects moderately for a couple of hours, then draws closer to the skin. Sillage is polite at every stage of its development, and overall lasting power was around 7 hours on my skin.

I can imagine a refined and eminently classy gentleman (or lady) wearing this fragrance. It is inarguably unisex, but would require poise to fit well with the wearer’s personality. Without such poise, I can imagine such a sweet, boozy fragrance presenting the unwanted image of gluttony and recklessness. 1270 smells formal, but not formal in a business sense. Instead, the smell brings to mind images of old-fashioned gentleman’s clubs and shady deals made in hazy wood-paneled rooms. It can be worn casually, because the formality of the scent is in the bearing of the wearer. 1270 in a single word? Enigmatic.

Would I buy it?: Yes. This is a top-shelf, interesting composition from the house of Frapin. Not only is 1270 a fitting tribute to Frapin’s impressive family history, but it is also a mysterious fragrance that successfully unites the creativity of perfumery with the artistry of fine spirits. Frapin’s 1270 may not blow your mind, but it’s a fine work, and certainly a good value for the money.

The fragrance “1270” by Frapin is available at Essenza-Nobile.


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