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Sampling’ Guerlain – Neroli Outrenoir: The greatest tea-based fragrance?

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Guerlain – Neroli Outrenoir

Per Guerlain Notes de tête : Petit Grain – Bergamote

Notes de cœur : Fleur d’oranger – Néroli – Thé fumé
Notes de fond : Graines d’ambrette – Mousse – Myrrhe

First thing first, be VERY liberal with this one; 5 sprays, 10 sprays, 20 sprays.. Just consider it lotion and lather in it, because it has about the same performance as Jergens on me.

Neroli Outrenoir is a tea lovers dream! Upon application I get a blast of smoky tea, mixed with myrrhe. At the same time, petitgrain give the opening moments this “aquatic” feel that luckily subsides rather quickly. Thé fumé turns into Thé vert in the heart as the neroli emerges, it gives it a creamy, milky quality, YUM! Imagine, green tea, with a pinch of whole milk added, much less smoky than the start.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink
Green Tea Leaves Benefits

I think Neroli Outrenoir is blended exquisitely, albeit a skin scent through and through, so for those that like to stink up a whole subway car, this is not for you. It smells good, it’s cozy, it makes me feel warm inside, it will be hailed my Parfum de Netflix this winter, I could imagine. One would have to be a fan of tea-based scents to appreciate this, or just like tea in general. One would also have to fancy neroli and orange-blossom quite a bit, it’s not dominated by either, but there’s just enough for loathers to stay far away. I personally could not care for more neroli, but I don’t hate it as it’s not over-used in this composition.


Hi I am Narada! I discovered my love for all things fragrant after two years of living in France and running out of my sole bottle of cologne that I took with me, YSL L'Homme. Probably the greatest place on earth to run out of your signature scent. I tried to visit every perfumerie from Spain, all the way to Hungary. So, many of my reviews, stories and shorts may reference my travels. Enjoy!

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