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I was hesitant, but eager to explore the House of Oud. Hesitant, due to the name being 20% clever and 80% gimmicky. I was eager, because, HOLY SMOKES those are gorgeous bottles, am I right? It would be sacrilege to put anything less than liquid gold in them. Nonetheless, I dove in, not knowing which was which as the names are equally cringe worthy too.

Cypress Jade – It hits you with a blast of sweet, musky, iris for the first ten minutes. The iris is wet, green, but there is still a lingering dusty/powdery quality to it. Overly sweet petitgrain and florals stick out to me in the mid, this is by far the most feminine portion of Cypress’s journey on my skin – not really a fan of this at all as it’s sweet, delicate, but still vibrant enough to annoy me. Throughout the life of cypress on my skin, I was reminded by how smooth the whole composition was, there’s no point where it turns astringent, chemical, and I could not pick out any synthetics. Even in the drydown, it’s still a hearty composition with vetiver and cedarwood taking center stage well into the 12th hour. I have to say, there are some people out there that would absolutely love this; if you’re a musky-iris, yellow-florals lover.

Blessing Silence – Oh noooo, not another rose/oud fragrance. I said those exact words, back in 2014. What can I say – the wheel has not been re-invented here. If there was an ordinance for intellectual property on fragrances, Blessing Silence would have never seen the light of day, neither would have the other 200 similar compositions out there but hey, if Henry could make a flux capacitor better than Jack, then go right along, Henry… Somewhere along the lines, Jim is making a crap capacitor and selling it for 1/10 of what Henry and Jack does. Are we still talking about the fragrance industry here? Yes! Blessing Silence is no China Made variant in the oversaturated oud/rose market – it’s easily top 5 from what I’ve smelled and perhaps, top 3. It eerily smells similar to Diptyque’s Oud Palao, but as I stated with Cypress Jade, there’s no astringent facets or overwhelming synthetics in BS, it’s as smooth as butter. As much as I love Oud Palao it doesn’t come close to being this smooth. The oud in Blessing Silence is quality, there’s barely any skank, but it’s bordering the brink of moldy and medicinal. Fret not, again, this is as smooth as butter. With some “higher-end” rose and oud compositions, you get this regal quality to them, Roja Dove U.A.E. comes to mind, well, Blessing Silence is more of the rugged Prince, not the king. The rose is quite apparent, but it’s not rose dominant, the sandalwood keeps it at bay. I’ve smelled many a compositions that couldn’t do just, rose/patchouli or rose/oud well and this has doses of sandalwood, patchouli, and oud with a spicy kick in the drydown. Again, this isn’t the flying car of the oud/rose genre, but I can definitely say it’s a Ferrari to a Fiat.

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