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A continuation of my thoughts from Carner Barcelona’s latest collection; Sandor 70’s, Rose Dragon, and Black Calamus.

With the name Sandor 70’s I didn’t know what to think. Maybe “Sandor” is a none-anglo name for sandalwood, I had hoped. The jury is out on that one. What I do know is Sandor 70’s has NOTHING to do with Game of Throne’s Sandor Clegane, or does it? The themes of suede and leather go well with fictitious Medieval Vikings, right?


It’s quite apparent the suede and leather are Yin and Yang in the composition. Both are equally prominent, but where you have a punchy, typical, yet smooth suede, akin to most suede notes I’ve smelled, there is also a rough and rugged leather juxtaposed in there. Weird and unique in the same light. There’s also a boozy accord lingering throughout the opening, its rum-y or gin-y, I honestly can never discern the two, but the suede and leather are doused in this boozy accord and nowhere did I see this in the note breakdown.

The third star player would be the patchouli, with its green, earthy, facets from the start, it’s begging for more attention and I could see this being a patchouli bomb on someone’s skin, but it was perfectly mellow on mine. Sandor has a fresh-peppery tinge that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around, at this point it reminds me of a lot of Ormonde Jayne’s offerings, their use of seemingly heavy notes with a fresh aura around them like, Nawab of Oudh and Black Gold. I find this a bit misleading, I hate ordering a spicy dish at a restaurant and it come garnished in coconuts, it’s just not palatable. Well, that’s Sandor 70’s in a nutshell, for me. It’s not my favorite from the three new additions, but suede/leather lovers, and even patchouli and tobacco lovers must give this a try.


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