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Sample Impressions: Creed’s Royal Water

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As a fan of classic fragrances, I had to track down a sample of Creed’s Royal Water. Like many Creeds, this is heralded as a classic fragrance, and one that is both likable and unique.

Well, it’s damn good. Creed fragrances often smell extremely natural (whether or not they are), and Royal Water is no exception. The citrus in this fragrance is juicy and refreshing, but it is by no means the star of the show. What makes Royal Water unique is its blend of citruses and green herbaceous notes. Peppermint is present, though it seems to support the other elements. Generally, in the top and the mid of this scent, the most prominent note to my nose is basil, which adds a culinary sharpness to the scent that smells natural enough to fool a cook.

The base notes are more simple, yet just as elegantly framed. I smell two notes: clean musk and ambergris, which is rather typical of a Creed. However, instead of smelling similar to other more popular Creed fragrances in the line, Royal Water reminds me of classic eau de colognes if they were done with the signature Creed base. It’s beautiful, well-crafted, and smells like someone who comes from old money.

Performance is slightly below average, which is the biggest negative to this fragrance. That being said, it tends to become stronger in the heat, releasing waves of sweet musks, tart citruses, and minty basil. The performance and overall style would make this a great work scent for the professional man (or woman).

Would I buy it?: Probably not. While I love this style and really enjoy this particular fragrance, I tend to prefer other brands—excepting the prohibitively expensive Pure White Cologne—for the eau de cologne style. Xerjoff in particular does citrus/herbs better (if you like Royal Water, you might just love the magnificent 1861), and for aristocratic elegance, I’d go with Acqua di Parma (the original Colonia is a comparable option). Nevertheless, this is worth a sample, as you just might find that Royal Water is more to your liking.

Royal Water by Creed is available at Essenza Nobile.

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