Robert Piguet – Knightbridge: Elusive, but worth it.

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For anyone outside of the United Kingdom, this is as elusive as two-headed unicorn, (Shame on limited, hyper-exclusive distribution, that continually caters to the Euro, British, and Middle-Eastern markets.) AND what do we get exclusive in the United States of America, you ask? Kim Kardashian. Well, being in the Western-hemisphere, it’s probably easier getting your hands on a Kardashian than Knightsbridge.. I’m here all night folks.

I can now ride off into the Californian Sunset, on my two-headed unicorn, with a Kardashian in tow!

So, why did I scour eBay, basenotes, facebook groups, the deep-web, for the past year searching for this beauty? Here’s why..

Anyone who knows my nose, know that I like enigmatic fragrances, with layers upon layers of surprises. Knightsbridge delivers, every wearing and throughout each wearing. I nursed a 5ml decant for many months, which as one point, became my official post-workout fragrances, because it was the only juice I had in my gym bag. It took me ten wearings to find the Apple brandy, namely, Calvados which originates from the countryside of Normandie (thanks Kafkaesque blog), it took another five wearings for the leather to finally happen upon my senses, which was a treat!

All and all, I get a blast of apple brandy, a tinge of alcohol, but really, fermented-aged apples. It’s almost possible to mistake the opening for a singular apple note with some spices, but it’s backed by the alcohol quality.

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Knightsbridge is centered on the note of tonka bean, it’s there from start to finish and it’s a tough pill to swallow for me, not being my favorite note and all. Thanks to the orris root/butter, that’s exactly what smooths out the astringent qualities that I’ve encountered in other tonka-centric fragrances. As the tonka bean settles, it takes a a vanilla-esque twist, soft, leather-y, like butter with a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. Quite festive in the mid and dry down, which I try to ignore this aspect so that I won’t feel as if I brought the Christmas cheer into the month of April with me, when I wear this.

The rose has eluded me up to this point and the sandalwood comes deep in the dry down. It’s not often that I find something that works with my skin from start to finish. Knightsbridge is voluptuous from first spray up to 24 hours later, or until I wash it off. Somehow, the notes are full bodied and they have gotten noticed by others 10 hours or more after applying it.

Short of booking a flight to London, Knightsbridge is worth the search and rescue.

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