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Patchouli Nosey Be by Perris Monte Carlo….A most perfect modern ‘Patchouriental’

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Patchouli Nosey Be is probably one of the most unique modern oriental Patchouli scents to hit the market in the last few years. It really is that majestic.  From the quality of the raw materials sourced by Perris Monte Carlo in this undertaking and-just-seven ingredients you would expect a typical linear mass marketed patchouli corruption but not so with this, Nosey Be is to be eons different. Before the differences are ascertained, one must take notice of the special cultivation process this perfume house engages in to bring you such potent, crisp, and beautiful juice. From fragrances such: Patchouli Nosey Be-Oud Imperial-Ylang Ylang Nosey be and others, the potency and quality of Perris Monte Carlo perfumes are unrivaled.

The cultivation process for the production of Nosey Be brand Patchouli involves locating the plants in strategically shaded areas on their Ylang-Ylang plantations to produce a once in a lifetime patchouli scent that is void of intense ‘Hippy-mustiness’ which Patchouli is sometimes known for but loaded with  sweet non-chalant cotton like creaminess. Patchouli Nosey Be wears on you like your favorite cashmere sweater but with a little cocoa sweetness mixed in with a neutral resin and very cotton like fibers. Then mix in some wood elements….and you have what is called a bonafide masterpiece.

Patchouli Nosey Be commences with a potent shot of Labdanum which some describe as a little boozy but its more the mixture of the Patchouli  labdanum and the bitter cocoa. It starts off very dry and cotton like in which some liquors-wines produce that effect, but in this case its the quality of the essences Perris Monte Carlo has perfected to achieve this effect. It really is such a delightful combination thus far. Then when Vanilla and Pink Pepper are added thats when things start becoming sexy!

The Vanilla does not overpower or underwhelm it just blends in perfectly to accentuate the crisp austerity of the Patchouli and Labdanum. It almost smells like it could be a cousin of oudh because of it’s stern uniqueness but time and again you must surrender to the Patchouli/Labdanum/Pink Pepper combination. This is a very potent scent but with wonderful overtones…and even a hint of cocoa..

The ‘woodiness’ belongs to the Sandlewood, Patchouli and Cedar but it is so low key in this fragrance which makes for its success. They appear but are very discreet. Maybe they should be more pronounced but clearly the focus is Patchouli and all of the ancillary ingredients for the total sum of effects. It is an oriental but a modern one with all its grandeur! Patchouli Nosey Be is a soon to be a classic perfume to add to your collection as it takes a turn for the better as there is nothing like it…yet. It smells familiar at some point from the Vanilla and slowly moves to unique after an hour later in which the dry down is beyond heaven and more like Perfume Nirvana. The Pink Pepper-Labdamun-Patchouli-Vanilla and the others are in agreement finally which is a beautiful thing.

The sillage and projection for this are way above average and despite the strong overtones due to to superior quality, this is unapologetically Unisex with a meeting at the crossroads at high noon. Both genders will be smitten by its presence, both genders will agree on its exclusivity for a ‘Patchouriental’, both genders will buy this. Why, because it is just to splendid to pass up. Perris Monte Carlo has managed to pack a powerhouse in a 100ml bottle with more quality and half the price of most niche perfumes trying to achieve the exact same thing Patchouli Nosy Be is doing. But until someone comes up with a better combination Patchouli Nosy Be is here to stay.


Notes: Pink Pepper, Nosey Be brand Patchouli, Labdanum, Cedar, Vanilla, Sandlewood, Bitter Cocoa.


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