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Waters + Wild: Cedarwood & Cognac

One of the reasons that I enjoy my frequent travels to Ireland is the olfactory delights that greet me on the Emerald isle, particularly in the west of the country, where earth meets water meets sky on a daily basis. The lush green grasses, ferns and trees that can be found from its rich soil, the salty and ‘seaweedy’ air emanating from the rocky or sandy coastline, and the water that permeates absolutely everything (having once asked how frequently it rains in Ireland, I was told one can experience each of the four seasons every day in Ireland…although all of them involve rain).

Puredistance Opardu

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Opardu is a flawless perfume elegantly presented in three different sizes, one of a 17,5 ml spray holder of golden glass and two simple black bottles of 60 ml and 100 ml which comes also together with a leather pouch. Apparently the name comes by mixing the words “opulence & perdu”, meaning the long gone opulence of the golden age of perfumery and the perfume itself seams to revive that lost glamour. KEEP ON READING

The Perfect Aquatic?

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This is an aquatic of truly natural nature. Something that I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for, an accurate depiction of walking the shorelines of the sea.

Last month I walked several hundred miles up the Oregon coast. My nose bombarded everyday by many smells.

The salt in the air.

The dirty smell of brine and hot sands.

The sweet coldness of the sea.

The moss growing sympatically with the old trees that cover the coast as you move inland off of the sand.

Beautiful scents, beautiful memories in time, the perfect notes came together while I walking. KEEP ON READING

Welcome to Fragrance Daily

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This project shall be one of its kind, it shall grow to more than just a fragrance review blog. FragranceDaily shall become a resource for indiependent fragrance reviews by true scent lovers. All authors have their own story, why fragrances came to be an important part of their life. This lifeblood flows into the word of their publications here.

You may say “Wait, did you say indiependent? I know that Essenza Nobile, an commercially minded online store, has the patronage for this project!”. Yes, that is correct. We host this project and we sell fragrances – and the most important thing: we are fragrance lovers ourselves. So we decided to take a new approach and reached out to talented fragrance reviewers. We give them the opportunity to test new fragrances on a regular base and write about them. Honest. No fake reviews. No sales pitch. Just true opinions by true afficionados. KEEP ON READING

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