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Waters + Wild: Cedarwood & Cognac

One of the reasons that I enjoy my frequent travels to Ireland is the olfactory delights that greet me on the Emerald isle, particularly in the west of the country, where earth meets water meets sky on a daily basis. The lush green grasses, ferns and trees that can be found from its rich soil, the salty and ‘seaweedy’ air emanating from the rocky or sandy coastline, and the water that permeates absolutely everything (having once asked how frequently it rains in Ireland, I was told one can experience each of the four seasons every day in Ireland…although all of them involve rain).

Cafe Noir – Dawn Spencer Horowitz

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The most intriguing and eclectic cup of coffee so far in 2017 is award winning Dawn Spencer Horowitz’ dark and serene potion Café Noir which is an oriental coffee gourmand with highlighted with earthy-spicyness and balsamic laden tones. Just so one dare not be disappointed, Cafe Noir is akin to a fresh and potent cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Specifically, the Signature Blend No. 5 a smooth dark roasted blend that is pleasantly smoky and delightfully intense. For comparisons to the typical latte’s of the world and Starbuck’s one should look elsewhere fast, Cafe Noir is uniquely different. Besides the coffee, the ancillaries are equally impressive as you are instantly greeted with a powerful whiff of tolu balsam, pimento berry and labdanum. This is coffee on a different level that is sure to impress perfume devotees of this popular drink as I have not yet smelled anything as wonderful as this. KEEP ON READING

Duel of the Molecules: Molecule 01 vs Escentric 01

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An Italian friend of mine regularly insists that the superiority of Italian cuisine is attributable to a mastery of simplicity. Instead of producing intense flavors by cramming together a host of spices and other elements from across the globe, Italian cooking requires a talent for producing a symphony of flavors from a deceptively small number of complementary ingredients. For some in the Italian culinary tradition, drawing out the complex gamut of flavors from a single tomato is a skill that in itself could take years to master. In this tradition, one might say that when it comes to ingredients, less is more. KEEP ON READING

Are you a Fragrant Flyer?

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I’m planning my summer holiday, as I guess many of you are. And along with the eternal question of ‘how many clothes do I need for a week in a tent?’ there is the greater problem of ‘which perfume to take?’

It’s more than just a frivolity though. Your finest fragrance is safest at home when there’s a risk of it being confiscated at customs, or wandering off if your luggage gets separated from you. And if you’re flying, you can’t take anything in your hand luggage in a bottle of more than 100mls, or anything that won’t fit into that little plastic bag. That bag doesn’t hold much, especially when you’ve got to fit toothpaste, mascara and suncream in there as well. Equally, if like me you’re going camping, you don’t want to take any precious fragrance that can get boiled in a hot tent, lost, squashed or stepped on. KEEP ON READING

Black Gold by Ormonde Jayne

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In my journey through the world of fragrance, I’ve found it easy to ignore Ormonde Jayne, its quiet English classicism at odds with my quest for the strange and the shocking. There’s a certain arrogance that goes along with huffing extreme fragrances such as M/Mink, Patchouli 24, or Mazzolari Lui and living to tell the tale – a little like Johnny Knoxville, happy to have his balls smacked with a plank as long as there was video evidence to replay later.

But friends, to do that too long is to underestimate the sheer comfort of things that are beautiful or classically built. The things that made me overlook Ormonde Jayne fragrances the first time around – their subtlety, their easy grace, their quietness – are exactly the things that make me appreciate them now. KEEP ON READING

A Fig delight. Maisìa by Gabriella Chieffo

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The unfettered creativity of the estemeed Maison Garbriella Chieffo is truly a phenomena to experience. I can recall the first time I viewed one of her perfumes on a Facebook newsfeed and was drawn in by the beauty of her flacons, a very simplistic but elegant glass rectangular shape followed by what appears to be a granite stone like top. They were so striking in appearance it reminded me of modern Minimalist or Urban interior design. Instantly, by viewing the bottles the rush to procure a sample of her collection concluded with a purchase of her marvelous but intriguing sea scent titled; Acquasala. The theme of Acquasala was to present the mood and the intimate connection of the sea that we all are so familiar and in tune with. To this day, I still declare Acquasala as an all time classic sea scent. I have sniffed a multitude of seafaring scents past and present loaded with a bevy of bergamot, ozonic notes, aldehydes and ambergris but Acquasala is uniquely positioned as its own animal so to speak. It is worth examining. KEEP ON READING

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