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Nur Parfum Nektar by SoOud

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Nur Parfum Nektar has 3 tiers, or rather 3 beds; a bed of fruit, a bed of leather and a bed of vanilla.

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Citrus Fruit

Bed of fruit: Lying in this bed of fruits, I detect the most succulent mango and apricot, ripe, pleasantly tart and freshly juiced. On initial spray the apricot comes off zesty, even effervescent. It has a 3D prickly quality to it, which I believe, is aided by the fuzzy herb Artemisia. Just about all the notes pay a visit at this stage, the buttery iris, the rawness of the Russian leather (think Cuir de Russie) and the suppleness and sweetness of the vanilla and amber. Key players, and probably the underlying masculinity to what would otherwise be a fruit-plosion to the senses. This was love at first sniff, but it gets better.

Bed of leather: All things equal, this is a leather-based fragrance. A dusty leather jacket with freshly squeezed lemon, mango and apricot spilled all over it only to be left out in the sun. The iris, flaps and hovers above the scene like a little, white butterfly being left to the wind. Without much effort, it’s there, adding beauty to the ruggedness.  There is nothing “rugged” about Nur, although, there is leather throughout. In most instances where the leather would go full blown animal-style, Nur is lightened by the iris and the chamomile, where it lacks smell the chamomile adds to the weightlessness.

Bed of vanilla: There is this lingering sweetness that is constantly giving me this vision of butterscotch. Oh no, those things. It kind of comes and goes like a revolving door until deep, deep into the dry down. Just before it bows to the whispers of the amber that has been hanging around just as long. Neither are very notable, just sweet nuances that bring Stephane Humbert Lucas whole pie together.

Hi I am Narada! I discovered my love for all things fragrant after two years of living in France and running out of my sole bottle of cologne that I took with me, YSL L'Homme. Probably the greatest place on earth to run out of your signature scent. I tried to visit every perfumerie from Spain, all the way to Hungary. So, many of my reviews, stories and shorts may reference my travels. Enjoy!

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