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Nami Goodsir - Cuir Velours

I don’t belong to the leather enthusiastics and this is my view on Cuir Velours…

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Nami Goodsir - Cuir Velours

Let me begin by saying that I don`t belong to the leather enthustiastics group, as I am more inclined to favor a drop of gorgeous flower nectar to a harsh leather accord. The only straightforeward leathery scent one can find in my wardrobe is Bottega Venetta. I used Armani Cuir Amethyst in the past, but gave it away in exchange for a great floriental from Rancé.

But I never gave up the hope finding a nice soft and easy to use leathery scent, so I`ve searched a bit and finally decided to give Cuir Velour a try. And I`m glad I reached it.

Cuir Velours is a very well made scent that, as it`s name implies, provides a great amount of soft suede note. It feels as if you are constantly enveloped in a suave aroma of high quality suede, very fine and cozy. In the first minutes it`s a bit boozy-sweet offering accords of rum and dried fruits, than it moves on to a marvelous mixture of flowers and balsamic notes that reproduce accurately the best suede you can imagine. I also get some kind of cosmetic scent, like the way the interior of a leather bag smells when accidently my face powder spills all over the rest of the items inside. The perfume lingers very well on skin, creating an enjoyable skin-scent with hours gone by, and towards the end it smells exactley like my skin after I remove my toffee coloured mini velour dress.

I think gents could wear this too, it`s totally not a gender oriented scent. For myself I imagine it going great in colder days or nights, suitable for any occasion that requires high-heels, a leather jacket and a bold red lipstick. This is full bottle worthy for me.


Hi, my name is Raluca! I am born in Romania and live in Switzerland for many years. I love perfumes since I was a little girl and now I am an avid perfume collector and totally dedicated to the amazing world of essences. I am always looking for something new and interesting to discover and among my personal preferences are the delicate and powdery notes, but also some bold orientals. I admire both clasic and niche fragrances with a special twist in them. A good perfume for me should be able to put me in a special mood, to complete and inspire me…things I need when I paint or do photography, my other two passions.

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