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Men’s Grooming Part 2: Aftershaves!

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So you just completed a perfect shave and your skin is as smooth as your mind is clear. What is a fragrance lover to do? As Aziz Ansari is fond of saying on the television show Parks and Recreation,  “Treat yo self!” Do your skin (and nose) a favor: skip the cheap drugstore aftershaves that have shady-sounding chemicals on the label and instead go for one of the many top-quality alternatives that are available to the modern gentleman. In today’s post I bring you a selection of six of the finest aftershaves currently available:

Aftershave Splashes (for those who prefer liquid aftershaves and enjoy feeling the disinfectant burn of alcohol):

Myrsol: A Spanish brand renowned for its simple yet effective formulas. My favorite, F-Extra, smells classic, refined, and refreshing – a Spanish interpretation of a barbershop fragrance. Mentholated for a cooling effect.

Fine: Fine is an American brand that produces old-fashioned alcohol-based aftershaves. With Fine, American Blend is the formulation to beat. Buy this aftershave and enjoy fragrant whiffs of Fine’s interpretation of an American barbershop, refreshingly paired with a small dose of menthol to keep things cool.

Derby City Chop Shop: A small batch aftershave that is reminiscent of a traditional bay rum. True to its southern roots, the blend replaces rum with Kentucky bourbon and combines the spirit with aloe, witch hazel, and top quality spices/essential oils. Unlike the Fine and Myrsol aftershaves mentioned above, Derby City Chop Shop’s tonic produces a warming effect on the skin.

Aftershave Balms (for those with dry skin and sensitive skin issues):

Acqua di Parma: If you don’t yet know what Acqua di Parma smells like, go to a shop and smell buy some. Their aftershave is available in a number of fragranced products, including Essenza, Intensa, Colonia, and a lovely Collezione Barbiere scent. In addition to smelling divine, the aftershave is filled with ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid) that will pamper and moisturize your skin. One of the very best – if not the very best – aftershave balms on the market.

Penhaligon’s: All Penhaligon’s fragrances smell wonderful, but my personal favorite of their aftershaves is Bayolea. The Bayolea aftershave gel (yes I know – while they have a balm version, the gel is not a true balm) is a more modern and fresh interpretation of a traditional bay rum scent. Witch hazel provides astringent qualities while aloe vera repairs your skin after the shave.

Myrsol: An aftershave that has been blessed by the power of sheep (yes, sheep), Myrsol’s emulsion contains lanolin (wool grease), menthol, and other moisturizing elements that provide an effect that feels both soothing and cooling at the same time. The balm smells farm fresh (in a good way) with a clean and masculine hint of herbs.


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