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The House of Abdul Karim Faransi also known as the Maison de Parfum executes a stellar performance with its wide and extensive range of beautifully moving perfume oil fragrances that I must tip my hat, bow and salute such a magnificent effort from an  The house of Abdul Karim Karim Al Faransi-who is also known as the Frenchman: Al Faransi-has over 40 fragrances ranging from select musks, piercing ambers, humid florals, oudh and various blends and/or Mukhallats and is adding more fragrances daily as you read this review. They are consistently creative while remaining prolific. No two fragrances smell exactly the same as Al Faransi has this uncanny ability to transform musk, amber, oudh and florals into completely different masterpieces  on demand. The perfumes heavily favor the Oriental-Arabian genre with the typical line up of ambers and oudh but Al Faransi really goes full Oriental by including creations inspired by the far east and even Southeast asia. Take for example Mukhallat Bushi Sensei which translates as ‘Blend of the Warrior Master, it is a delightful and heart warming mix of Black Tea, Japan flowers, Bonsai shrub and Cambodian agarwood with a quite mystifying sweetness from Al Faransi brilliantly using papaya and aloe vera. I have never sampled anything remotely close to Mukhallat Bushi Sensei yet you have never smelled good until you encountered Bushi Sensei. Then there is Singapore, another Al Faransi tribute to the orient-but only now its Southeast Asia- which is a complex and eclectic composition featuring notes of fir, agarwood, bamboo, wild trees, fresh cut grass notes and a touch of jasmine. Like Mukhallat Bushi Sensei, the scent of Singapore is a first. It is semi sweet from the jasmine but is earthy and is definitely humid! Singapore reminds you of the salivating cooked smell of oatmeal combined with the soft-earthy vegetal musks while remaining overtly impressive. Singapore is one of my many favorites from Al Faransi.

So. like theatre Al Faransi always has a flair for the dramatic when he creates. Nothing predictable, mundane or boring with the 40 + perfumes in his extensive catalogue because they each have their own unique persona. What you can take away from  his perfumes is a fierce commitment to fusion. The whole Oriental-Arabian perfume themes can get a little boring and redundant but for some reason it seems as though Al Faransi, so far, has solved this problem….so far. His first generation of perfumes are classics I feel. Some are sold out and not even available as innovation is the way of protocol at the company. A real gem by Al Faransi is a fragrance named Bassam which is not available. I’m guessing it was a first come, first serve arrangement but whatever it was Bassam was just divine. By the time I had the chance to look at the notes it was gone but to impress upon you the idea of its composition it was really more of an sweet ambergris scent that had pinches of mint, sea salt, pine fur with musk, sandalwood, a little taste of sweet florals with Cedar maybe? It was very memorable but if you missed Bassam you can always try the Imperial Asiatic Musk with the same similar notes except this one is laced with honey, rose and asian flowers this time. The depth of scent is paralyzing!

As I have served you the appetizers its time to commence with a full course meal of Al Faransi beginning with ‘Lighter’ fared scents.

The Lighter side

Musk Al Qurtubi- White musk with lemon, honey, sandlewood and an arrangement of flowers. Florals smell similar to ‘1001’ Flowers; a popular oriental fragrance. Love this.

Musk Dulcedinis- Sweet white musk with a delightful hints of cream and soapy florals.  Iris and powder mixed with aloe vera, vanilla plus rose. The vanilla and aloe vera keeps this modern.

Musk Tahara Monoi- If you happened to relish in the delightful smell of the wildly popular Musk Tahara or White Musk Maliki scents Tahar Monoi takes it above and beyond with tahitian vanilla, white lotus, Tahiti moon flowersand polynesian flowers. Very addictive fragrance that resembles cotton candy and an ice cold glass of milk.

Musk Massilia No2- Lavender, honey, vanilla and milky white musk. Add some fruit cocktail and purple coloring, you have the making of an classic as well as intriguing musk. No2 is a must grab.

Musk Tahara Al Faransi- Hazelnuts, verbena, lotus, vanilla flowers, lemon and Taif rose. Another great Musk Tahara version. Very seductive.

Kayseri- Somehow this reminds me of Baklava but it is the Turkish Lokum that provides a confectionous smell resembling dates, pistachios and nuts. Don’t forget the Whie oudh, Turkish rose and melon. Nice sweet and mild sour notes.


The Dark Side

Sheikh Al Faransi- A must try scent. Brown sugar, Maple frosting, coffee, and whipped butter cream but really its the oudh, sweet floral notes, sandalwood. amber and ambergris. Hours later the florals, oudh and ambergris morphs into something special

Hind- Sweet, spicy and woody. If you like Sheikh Al Faransi Hind is the way to go as it tuns more sandy with the distinctive character of Taif rose from Saudi Arabia. Also has an earthy-caramel amber presence. At times Hind is minty and herbal otherwise a great heavy fragrance.

RBX 59- A woody scent mixed with medium heavy earthy amber, brown sugar mixed with pachouli, oudh and flowers. Despite the heavy ingredients Hind is beautiful.

Mukhallat At-Tabari- The combination of notes makes this an effervescent oriental scent that has a light rustic musk scent. It also has a fresh out of the shower effect but as mentioned its the combination of pachouli, dry fruits, sweet agar wood, black musk, indian flowers and honey. This scent is deep and expansive. Similar to Oudh Al Haramain!

Mukhallat Al Farisi- Persian saffron, dry fruits, cambodian agarwood and woody notes gives this a dominant suede-leather note basted in light honey. This is the close to leather as you will get.

Amber Afghani- Deep penetrating scent. Sweet, woody but very herbal, earthy, and amberish with  saffron. Florals give it a pleasant and heavy sweetness

Amber Ash-Shiekh- Deep powerful earthy amber complete with vegetal notes. Very potent

These are just a few Al Faransi fragrances as more appear. However, I must say with conviction…you won’t be disappointed/

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