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Venture to the Tropics: Mancera’s Sicily

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While I respect the house for its fabulous balance of quality and price, Mancera is a brand that is, in most cases, not for me. To my taste, many of their fragrances are far too heavy on the oud and synthetics, or tend to produce hairspray-like aromas. Along with the popular Cedrat Boise, Mancera’s Sicily is a notable exception.

Some have heralded Sicily as some sort of newfangled Aventus clone, but that description would have nothing to do with the actual fragrance. Sicily has pineapples, yes, but that note is presented differently, is placed alongside a prominent peach note, and comes across as far more unisex, tropical, and soft than Aventus. It’s not a distinctly masculine fragrance like Cedrat Boise, which has a similarly fruity/woody vibe. Departing from the dark woods/fruits of Aventus and Cedrat Boise, Sicily is brighter, fresher, far more citrusy and floral, and yields an inescapably summery aroma that would feel woefully out of place in the cold darkness of winter.

Like many fragrances from the mancera line, it evolves in stages, with all notes being present throughout the entirety of the fragrance, some stronger than others at different points in its evolution. Citruses are heavy up top, florals in the mid, and clean musky woods in the base. No individual note or stage is dominant, and the overall blend is competent and well delivered. Performance is middle of the road, which befits this sort of fresh, tropical perfume.

Sicily smells happy, of sunshine and smiles, and it will put an even bigger smile on your face when one considers the value proposition. At an affordable price point (varying from country to country, of course), and with its notable differences from the style of many popular summer fragrances, Sicily is able to set itself apart from the morass of boring, one-dimensional citruses and florals that regularly flood the air of an elevator near you.

Men and women both need the occasional vacation. Why not explore Sicily?

The fragrance “Sicily” by Mancera is available from Essenza Nobile.


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