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Mancera – Gold Intensive Aoud

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Mancera--Gold-Intensive-Aoud--EdPI had a wonderful companion this Boxing Day. It was going to be a so-called “warm summer’s day” for Perth, 32 degrees, so no reason yet to pull out the heat-wave fragrances. I decided to use my new bottle of Gold Intensive Aoud by Mancera.

I cannot say much to compare GIA to all the other oud fragrances on the market – my nose is too un-trained for that. What I can say though is that it’s a wonderful fragrance. The combination with fresh lemon and rose notes keeps the heavy wood part from being too dark and heavy. There is no sharpness or abrupt change between the lighter and heavier notes, this is a very well balanced perfume.

I probably won’t add this to my heat-wave stash, but other than that, I think it’s great for any occasion. Longevity is fantastic and the dry down mellows beautifully. The bottle has a screw cap – great for the handbag, not that you need to spray a lot during the day.



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