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Made of caramels and love: Xerjoff Casamorati 1888 LIRA

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Lira Casamorati

Until recently I was on an exhausting quest that prolonged for years for finding the impossible: a sweet and edible scent, but at the same time extremely refined, alluring, elegant AND not worn by everyone. And then I read about Lira (launched in 2011) and it sounded way to good and promising to be true. Well, the rumors and all the positive reviews proved to be true, and actually it exceeded my expectations. Many fume heads find Lira to be almost identical with L by Lolita Lempicka and Tendre Madeleine by Laurence Dumont which is fine and admirable, but at a closer look when I did first a side by side test (I own a small bottle of L purchased long before Lira and ordered a sample of Tendre Madelaine) it became immediately obvious that Lira not only smelled a lot better in comparison with her budget friendly sisters, but overcomes them also in terms of longevity and it filled the room with a divaesque presence that might be not so easy to top. So if you`re craving caramels and cookies of exquisite quality, home made more precisely done by talented hands, Lira gives you these with much more generosity, grace and style.

The charming character of Lira is based on a sunny and incredibly mellifluous blend of savory citruses, a fine lavender and a joyful bunch of fresh jasmines all laid lavishly on an impressive vanilla & cinnamon bed, being therefore an absolutely big gourmand scent.

It is a loud fragrance, but at the same time incredibly smooth and refined and it doesn`t link, not even for a second, gourmand with cloying, so it smells without any doubt more natural and credible compared to all those scents with dupe potential out there.

The fragrance has a lean course, combining those above mentioned notes with main accents of silky caramels of those kind that instantly melt on your tongue capturing their milky-sugary undertones. The caramels are then joined by some blood orange juice that ensures a zesty and slightly reinvigorating effect – as when you clean your palate after a copious desert, a spoon of spicy cinnamon sprinkled all over and of course a lovable note of vanilla custard making the base seem so fluffy I would cuddle in it the whole day. Is like enjoying a savory dessert but without having that awkward feeling of fullfilness after that.

It evokes a beautiful colored Michelin stared dessert of different textures philosophically arranged on a large plate and when you taste those spectacular cookies it proves to be a flavor-tripping experience. Your taste buds will be surprised in the very best possible way by the effervescence and bubbliness of the fruited sauce mixed with those creamy and, oh so sinful, caramels. Exactly the same miracle happens when I bury my nose in my arm where I applied Lira. I feel lifted by unseen hands and gently placed on a fluffy cloud of pure happiness. I smile much more when I wear Lira, I`m better and…desired. Therefore Lira`s a scent that could truly satisfy your sweet tooth, making you feel good by reducing your stress-level to zero, so you`ll be as sweet and good as a pie and hey, the best part is that it comes without real calories!

Ideally to be worn around Christmas, or even if you`re going out at parties…but then make sure your`re always in a good and trustful company, ideally a bodyguard trained in Krav Maga as many strangers will start following you, wishing to eat you alive, because a woman`s skin perfumed with Lira becomes (s)extremely irresistible and inviting.

Hi, my name is Raluca! I am born in Romania and live in Switzerland for many years. I love perfumes since I was a little girl and now I am an avid perfume collector and totally dedicated to the amazing world of essences. I am always looking for something new and interesting to discover and among my personal preferences are the delicate and powdery notes, but also some bold orientals. I admire both clasic and niche fragrances with a special twist in them. A good perfume for me should be able to put me in a special mood, to complete and inspire me…things I need when I paint or do photography, my other two passions.

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