Luscious Roses: A cure for the heart.

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“JoAnne” I asked, “My hearts broken. I know you blend scents that heal metaphysically. I read it on your website. Can you help me?”


“Why yes,” she said. “Of course. I have something called Luscious Roses. Put a little on your chest above your heart daily. I’ll send you a sample. I hope it helps.”


I have never believed in any of the nonsense people say about healing via metaphysical means.


(Metaphysical: outside the realm of physical)


Until my heart shattered into a million pieces and all the medicine, and all the learning, philosophy, psychology, self help, ect in the world couldn’t help.


Looking outside the box for anything to heal me is how I came upon Joanne Bassett and her perfumery.


Four days after my consultation I received my sample of Luscious Roses in the mail.


I put it on.


Just a tiny, tiny dab right above my heart.


It was so thick, oily, and there were flecks of . She doesn’t use perfumers alcohol, but instead Jojoba Oil. And I waited.


At first I was wondering where the rose was. Where was the scent? But it was cold, freezing in the winter and I figures that maybe the cold with the oil base was not allowing it to bloom so I decided to give it 30 minutes before I judged anything.


Fifteen minutes later with the heat of my heartbeat Luscious Roses started to bloom.  I could smell the deepness of several shades of rose. The white of rare Bulgarian Alba Rose, the Pink of Cabbage Roses and the deep red of Bulgarian Damask Rose. Not the clean, simple, synthetic rose I’m used to. Actual rose. Deep, sensual, multi faceted and evocative.


When I was very young I used to go out and play amongst the roses of my grandmother’s rose garden. My tiny fingers digging in the dirt underneath the petals. Marveling at the blooms, the thorns, the leaves. Such happy peaceful memories this scent evokes.


The next note you notice is the vintage patchouli JoAnne uses.


My mother is one of those crazy flower children from the sixties. Her forever scent has always been a patchouli oil.


When I was younger I remember her wearing this deep and complex scent of earth. It’s unique spiciness always in a hug, a kiss on forehead. Now a days it seems as though patchouli just isn’t the same.


Except in Luscious Roses. The first time, in a long time I’ve smelled yet another rare scent of my childhood.


I also get the clear water of frankincense. Spicy, silver ephemeral on the deep rose petals that bloom above my heart now.


And the vanilla, Oh, the vanilla below it all. So creamy smooth, holding the composition together.


JoAnne’ website, list tuberose as a note, but my nose fails to register it. It might just be the mastery and smoothness of the blending. I’m not sure.


Longevity is great. It lasted all day on me. Eight hours with a drop placed underneath my shirt. Sillage is very good, as long as you give it time for bloom, and some heat to help it along. This an oil base after all.


Altogether I rank it very high on my favorite roses. It’s actually masculine on me due to the earthiness of the patchouli and spiciness of the frankincense. Which is not what I was expecting. I was expecting something completely feminine.


And as for my heart, how does it feel now…


Happy. Peaceful and warm from the loving memories Luscious Roses has evoked.

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