Lonesome Rider Review Series Pt. 4: The light and dark side of Masculinity.

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[Part 4 of a review series on the new Tauer Perfumes fragrance Lonesome Rider. Please find the other parts here: Part 1 – Sjörn | Part 2 – Neoxerxes | Part 3 – Claire | Available for purchase here]

Cow hide burnished and well-worn, it has soaked in years of oil, dirt and grime, but in due time, it will meet its maker, soap. Leave it to Andy Tauer to pin clean against dirty, dark against light; Lonesome Rider is a stray dog that has finally found his home.

I think Andy created a well-worn leather saddle, without giving us much leather at all. The play on orris and violet with a pinch of smoke evokes the oily, greased hands of a mechanic after a hard day’s work, the soiled, concrete floors of the mechanics shop, just before it’s splashed with chemicals and dissolvent to wipe away the grime. Lonesome Rider is everything that’s overlooked in society, but never completely forgotten.

Lonesome Rider vaguely reminds me of L’Artisan’s Skin to Skin, is it a cowboy’s skin and not his saddle that I am smelling? Orris usually provides this waxed-skin kind of touch, slightly anamalic, slightly rattling to even think that you’re interpreting human flesh.

This is art, abstract, to be exact. Thrown together to be interpreted a thousand different ways, that, Andy Tauer has succeeded in creating. Is it wearable art? That depends on one’s own interpretation, for me? I ran into the same issue with LR as I did with Skin to Skin, I heard so many great things about it being sensual, carnal, like, Skin on Skin… I don’t necessarily need my fragrance to remind me of what sweaty, balmy, oily, unwashed skin smells like—I could simply, not take a shower for a couple of days, in addition to swapping out a few oil pans in the garage. Lonesome Rider smells like I would, unemployed; uninhibited Netflix binging, shower skipping, nocturnal dwelling only to emerge from the depths of No Man’s Land with a paycheck in hand. See… from darkness to light.

I feel this is a double-headed beast, I like the peppery-citrus-light floral aspects and also the sandalwood that gets stuck in test strip land, instead of, on my skin. It seems, when the balmy leather fades and the soapy-clean iris note unfolds throughout the mid, LR becomes more approachable and less abstract to my nose, I would prefer one or the other overall. Maybe I’m a bit crazy, but I do think I “get it”, even if it’s just, the juxtaposition of bright & dark that seems to be the general consensus thus far. What one will get from Lonesome Rider, is a display of masculinity and grit, only to be cast away by an airy cleanliness and florals.


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