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KinskiIn commemoration of Klaus Kinski and as a tribute for the 20th anniversary of his death, Kinski Productions enlisted well known perfumer, Geza Schön in 2011, to create a perfume inspired by the life and persona of Klaus Kinski,

Not an easy feat as Kinski was a rather controversial German actor, known for his unconventional and emotionally extreme behaviour. Just as he polarized people’s opinion, so does the fragrance named after him.

Opinions range from “one of the most amazing unique scents” to “smell like a week old puddle of beaver urine” (I rather like that one) (opinions borrowed from ‘fragrantica’).

So – Kinski starts with a ‘bang’: cassis (which I can’t smell much of), juniper and castoreum (lots of it). It continues with more ‘herbs’, marijuana apparently as well as some nutmeg and then vetiver and cedar. At that stage, the fragrance softens a bit to a long lasting dry down.

The official list contains a lot more notes, which you can easily read up on here.

Klaus_KinskiMy nose is not good enough to distinguish which parts of the ingredients appeal to me, all I can say is that I really like the overall effect. It has a very interesting development over time, great longevity and a very fitting bottle which shows Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula in Werner Herzog’s film “Nosferatu The Vampyre”. Dark and scary, like the man himself and this fragrance.

I could be tempted to get myself a bottle of this, but the fragrance is only allowed to be sent to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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