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Jul et Mad Garuda

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I acquired Garuda last week. Bought it blind, and y’all know how that can turn out (but that’s part of the fun, no?)

I went for it although Jul et Mad had never made anything that much appealed to me. Until now.

I have worn Garuda seven days in a row. It’s been ages since a new perfume made me do cartwheels. And it’s a timely reminder that there is still the possibility of new great fragrances being released, by a new wave of young perfumers such as in this case, Luca Maffei. I am very much looking forward to trying the other two in the just-released “New White” collection, Nea and Nin-Shar.

Anyway, I’m in love.

And what do many boys in love do when they’re first smitten hard? They write cheesy, awkward poetry to try & convey feeling they can’t quite get a grip on.

So please forgive me, gentle reader, for unleashing on you my very first – and likely the last – ode to a fragrance ; cheesy, awkward, and half-baked, but reasonably sincere.



It came in the post from a fair fragrance swap,

But this blind buy might fail, or so I thought.

The white box and bottle were thoughtfully made,

Rather less bling than J&M normally parade.


I admit I’ve not had the best run with this house

So I wasn’t expecting what was about to come out.

Instead of insipid, wan and flower-fruit bright,

This stuff was perfection, perfume dyn-O-mite!


We all know by now how ubiquitous the oud:

Sometimes it’s fake/lame, sometimes it’s quite good.

Here it’s presented with grace, depth and verve –

Oily smoke agar wood with a cashmeran curve.


But the star of the show is so much more than

This over-used accent that often smells bland.

The saffron… OH SAFFRON! You might hear me say

Is rendered with incense in a novel new way.


So good is this spice,

the finest I’ve smelled,

So much more rewarding than safraleine hell.

It’s accented by pepper in a most subtle fashion,

But this ain’t no gourmand, no! but oriental with passion.


Finally, the rum, that sugared liquor,

Imbibing this juice with tremendous vigour.

What a balancing act to juggle such parts,

It so holds together when it should fall apart!


It develops in stages to bedazzle – delight,

Such complexity and balance just always feels right.

Garuda has power, refinement and light

It will keep you good company well into the night.


Luca Maffei is a young nose on the scene

He’s gonna kick butt if ya know what I mean.

By evoking the mystery of Cambodian temples,

He hit olfactory gold, so go grab a sample.










Howdy! I'm a musician- teacher with an insatiable thirst for virtually all epicurean pursuits. Fate has pushed me far & wide and I'm reasonably settled with a wonderful lil family near Amsterdam. I suppose I like to smell good...

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