Jeroboam..and the opulence of ‘Oriento’. A Classic redefined!

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Finally, the long anticipated wait is over as Jeroboam, one of the new perfume houses introduced at the 2015 Pitti Fragranze exhibition brings it’s eclectic as well as chic modern perfume extracts to the Macrocosm known as Niche perfumery. Jeroboam, which one could lazily conclude is an offshoot of Jovoy Perfumes, brings an interesting concept to the forefront by experimenting with quality raw materials at 25% extracts and nifty 30ml sized bottles that cater to what they refer to as the Urban Nomad. The Urban Nomad would be the ‘Uber‘ perfumista who dares to carry his/her juice in their daily travels.

Along with brilliant marketing and an experimental concept of their perfumes built upon the Musk base, the impeccable-minimalism and close to perfect design of the bottles draws you in instantly. They are quaint, stylish and even bewitching at points with lavish gold tops set against an black imprint from the inside of the bottle and concluding with Art-Deco design Gold lettering-matching the Gold Tops-but not really art deco…It is a Jeroboam interpretation of Art-Deco which is all together something new and unexplored until now.

Oriento is a new and remixed interpretation of the classic Oudh and Rose but replaces Oudh with its patented enigmatic musks so they say. It has a Rose presence to start but its not real definitive as other elements come into play like Apple. The Apple mixes with the rose which adds a new dimension to the Oudh and Rose theme as it accounts for an intense sweetness akin to a fine dry white wine. It is very polarizing but quite enjoyable I feel. Oriento continues  with another interesting combination of scents: Lemon with the warm embrace of Saffron and Styrax in the background. Lemon and Saffron is an incredible experience. It melds the true meaning of fragrance opposites. The tart and refreshing citrus scent of lemon and the spicy-optimistic warmth of Saffron.

While lemon, saffron, rose and apple play their respective parts their seems to be a slight feeling of vanilla but it is the Styrax with the calming earthiness of vanillic tones. The inclusion of apple also explains some similarities to vanilla but as advertised Styrax is chosen to have a more natural but neutral gourmand presence. With such austere ingredients in Oriento, styrax is much needed adding vast amounts of sophistication. It really elevates the senses. Another floral is also utilized but it is the heady opulence of Ylang-Ylang which solidifies everything that is Oriental in this fragrance. The Ylang is used in small amounts so that it does not drown out the other notes which Ylang has a tendency to do as such in other compositions. But here, it is tastefully done with temperament of a 5 star chef. The Ylang is strategic.

Completing the fragrance is Sandalwood, Patchouli and Musks. The Sandlewood is creamy and completes the Oriento note mosaic. It is the Patchouli and the Jeroboam Mystery musks making this a superb choice among four other stellar fragrances by the house. Oriento, takes a classic fragrance and reconstructs it with small noticeable changes while making it different….somewhat dark, warm, lavish, lustful and opulent.

You must try Oriento!



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