It seems like Johnny Cash meets Andy Tauer in Tauerville’s Patch Flash.

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Before I commence, you will have to muster the courage to S-P-R-I-N-T and not run to the nearest fragrance outlet and procure this latest hit fragrance from the never disappointing Tauerville line. For this latest Tauergville adventure it almost seems like the Andy challenges us to summon our inner rogue with some really beautiful but tough ingredients with a  certain twist that only Taueville can implement with the result being total success. Patch Flash takes a different route than the current ‘outlaw-rebel’ perfume with a leading summertime blockbuster movie actor. Patch flash is rich with splendid waves of patchouli and bad ass ancillaries that it seems like the face of the this perfume should be Johnny Cash. Patch Flash is tough, witty and uncompromising like the legendary American Blues-Country-Rock-Folk-Soul music icon Johnny Cash. This fragrance is more like the unabashed Johnny Cash playing live to convicts at Fulsom Prison in California on January 13, 1968. Cash performed hits like ‘CocaineBlues’ , ‘Send a picture of mother’, ‘Flushed from the Bathroom of your Heart’ and even one of his most unabashed songs; ‘Dirty Old Egg suckin Dog’. His performance at Folsom prison would go down as one of the greatest live performances in American history leading to 5X platinum sales to this date! with just an acoustic guitar at times Cash beaugarded his way into the hearts and minds of millions and quite possibly has reincarnated in Patch Flash, just possibly. Was Andy Tauer maybe Johnny Cash in a past life…maybe so. Lets find out.

Patch Flash is probably one of the more better smelling perfumes using very abrasive ingredients. For example, there is whiskey in it. I have sampled many perfumes claiming to champion whiskey notes but was met with disappointment as the whiskey was more tapioca pudding! In this, you can smell an overabundance of whiskey as it potency meshes quite well with the other notes. As a frequent whiskey drinker and a devotee to a little bit of scotch Patch Flash smells like a combination of both…Salud! Also, the alcohol content in it is contagious so be careful if you are stopped by police.

After the whiskey the other abrasive element is suede leather. This rendition of suede is actually believable as it floats between a coarse western jacket with fringes and antique leather bound books hidden in the remote corners of a Library. I say the quality in this note is remarkable while it stands next to Pachouli. The suede stands out while the pachouli accentuates the positives of the merger. Im guessing Tauergville uses an exotic blend of Pachouli as it smells a little of Indonesian pachouli. It is definitely ‘earthy-sandy’ and if you are really adept at smells you can even taste a sliver of cocoa, but just a sliver. If you ever have sampled Ermenigildo Zegna’s  ‘Javanese Pachouli’ Patch Flash contains a similar smelling pachouli note but thats where the line is drawn, similar but not the same. This pachouli in Patch Flash is more ‘Flashier’.

The spicy notes remain a mystery as this was not disclosed but I can vouch for it’s similarity to spiced rum. So, if we consider the notes in spice rum, I detect some clove, cardamom, anise, and maybe nutmeg. If there is indeed clove it smells absolutely divine in Patch Flah. Tauergville never ceases to amaze. The spices intensify things in that it adds to the overall alcohol content as Patch Flash is already over the top in the Hedonism category. The addition of Benzoin is like the icing on the cake. It holds everything together as Patch Flash begins to dry down and you receive this mellowing sweetness to all the rough and coarse notes. The benzoin is a cross between chalk and pudding making it the perfect choice for a balsamic resinous addition to Patch flash. Tauergville made sure that this version is moist. It projects beautifully after the dry down.

With such intriguing rogue notes and Johnny Cash comparisons one should not be frightened by Patch Flash. Tauerville’s finishing touch makes this a refined elixir for even the most prudent of tastes. As cult of Tauerville continues Patch Flash will be the talking point for now and in the future.


“Well he’s not very handsome to look at
Oh he’s shaggy and he eats like a hog
And he’s always killin’ my chickens
That dirty old egg-suckin’ dog”

Johnny Cash

‘Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog’ – 1966




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