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Sweet like Chocolate: All Things Brown and Fudgy

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So, chocolate-themed fragrances. I am more of a fan of animalic chypres and orientals myself. There are times, though, when I do get a craving for a perfume that smells just like chocolate. It is very low-brow of me, I know. But what can I say – the desire exists, so I frequently (more frequently than I would like to admit) order samples of fragrances with chocolate notes. Here are a few of my recent explorations into this particular note.

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

I am not too sure if I am attracted to, or repulsed by Montale’s Chocolate Greedy. Perhaps it is the fact that, on me, Chocolate Greedy is as much about the smell of wheat as it is about the chocolate. Specifically, Chocolate Greedy opens on an orange-chocolate-wheat note that is strongly reminiscent of a brand of low-fat chocolate digestive cookies marketed to women, called Wellness. These cookies have a thin scraping of (low quality) baking chocolate, a hint of orange, and a flat, dry biscuit with a very leaden, ‘wheaten’ texture. These cookies are cynically marketed as the type of product women can scoff down with no feelings of guilt while trying to ‘reduce’. All utter bollocks, of course, because they contain something like 150 calories each, and when women do this to themselves, it morphs from cynical misogynism into willful masochism. Anyway, the opening is kind of wheat-y in a way that instills shame and self-loathing in me, no Wellness biscuits required. KEEP ON READING

Bon appétit! Zeromolecole Nerocacao & Biancolatte

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Yes, I do. I do crave chocolate and sweets in general, God knows I`m addicted to those treats. I sin everyday, not waiting for an excuse like a bad day (it is proved that our brains respond very positive to chocolate because it stimulates the emotiononal “feel-good” part of the brain). But I also keep an eye on my figure trying not to loose control too much, so my hope is to find perfumes that encapsulate as realistic as possible the smell of chocolate and other kind of desserts so that I could replace the act of eating with the act of perfuming. I`ve found some great gourmands that replicate more or less the smell of cocoa, but I observed that tragically many of these have a brilliant start but end up in a generic mass of uncertain shades of vanilla and musk – proving that cocoa/chocolate is a very unstable note.

So I put my hopes in these two new scents from the Italian niche perfume house Zeromolecole of which I heard from recently and I`m happy I gave them a try because not only did I spare my silhouette by not eating sweets the days I tried them, but I also found a new favorite scent.

Nerocacao starts as palatable as possible with a straightforward and solitary note of chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less then an intense full bodied chocolate smell as real as if you would sink your nose in a Nutella jar. That smell of smooth creamy chocolate mixed with tiny hints of roasted hazelnuts is beyond fantastic. After the initial cocoa blast settles a bit down, I can detect some diffuse accents of dried fruits that add some exotic vibe. As time passes by, the cocoa tends to take a step back, leaving the notes of vanilla and musk to become more dominant, so in the end the base is about a layer of cocoa powder spreaded over a foamy, vanilla flavored cream, kinda like a delicious tiramisu. Compared to Montale Chocolate Greedy, which is all, and I mean ALL about chocolate, Nerocacao is much more tamed and should I say “perfumy”. It is undoubted very gourmand as well, but it also has some unexpected twists and turns that save him from becoming plain and boring. On the other hand Musc Maori from Parfumerie Generale also a famous scent about cocoa, gives you just a tiny bite of chocolate first, then moves towards a musky soft base, smelling fluffy and smooth. Nerocacao sits somewhere in the middle of these two renown gourmands, considering the intensiveness of cocoa note and the projection and lasting qualities. I can totally see myself wearing this with great joy. KEEP ON READING

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