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Florentiner – by Wiener Blut

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FlorentinerThe perfume label Wiener Blut was established by Alexander Lauber in 2009. Four fragrances (Florentiner, Indisch Leder, Volkamaria and Panasch) were presented at the end of March 2012. Based on original recipes from 19th century Vienna, the fragrances were developed in collaboration with the Parisian perfumer Pierre-Constantin Gueros (other fragrances by this perfumer are Kristiansand, Nooka, Couture 1 and 6 for Bill Blass).

‘Florentiner’ is classed as fresh, green, fruity and woody, and is not unpleasant at all. It’s a rather classic fresh woody fragrance which probably goes down well as a men’s cologne. For me, it’s a bit too herbaceous and soapy and unfortunately, it stays like that all the way (no warm dry down here). It has decent longevity and I wouldn’t mind smelling it on a man, but it’s not for me. On the other hand, I have a bottle of ‘Indisch Leder’ by Wiener Blut and I really like it – so, if you find ‘Florentiner’ is not for you either, try ‘Indisch Leder’ instead. KEEP ON READING

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