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A Rose Is a Rose Is a… Snob.

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By 1952, the world was getting its mojo back.   World War II was a memory, much of the world was enjoying an economic upturn and Cadillacs were rolling off the production line faster than ever.  So what if the cold war was in full swing?  Vodka sales skyrocketed.  The 1950s, especially in America, are remembered for the youth culture of sock hops, poodle skirts and drive-ins but the truly stylish women—especially in Europe– were wearing strict tailleurs and sumptuous gowns.  Pulling off a Charles James or Dior ball gown required a whole lot of attitude; proud, haughty and smug, the fashion mavens of the day were snobs.  Beautiful, soignée snobs with scents to match. KEEP ON READING

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