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A Musk Odyssey: Saiful Misk from The Misk Shoppe Perfumes

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A Musk Odyssey: Saiful Misk from The Misk Shoppe Perfumes

In Arabic the word ‘Saiful’ translates to: the sword…. that everlasting symbol signifying supreme command, valor, royalty, virtue, righteousness, and every other countless superlative one conjures in passing when this term appropriates your most undivided attention.

Saiful Misk comes as a musk of musks to have!

Washing ashore in a most delicate pristine decorated box with stylish Arabic calligraphy, it opens up to perfume aficionados’ delight: a dark grey metallic Omani shaped royal dagger draped in green precious jewels which is a prelude to the journey once you encounter the aroma of this potent Oriental-Western elixir. While Musk perfumes of late have all been tamed and domesticated for the masses, Saiful Misk remains true, steadfast and unbound with pure unbridled austerity KEEP ON READING

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