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Terry de Gunzburg

Another lovely fragrance by Terry de Gunzburg – Reve Opulent

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Reve OpulentTerry is just getting it right as far as I am concerned. Similar to Claire in a previous post, I can say about myself: I do not like gardenia fragrances. Most of the time, they are too heavy and sweet – certainly not for me.

Now Terry’s “Reve Opulent” might be a gardenia at heart, but it’s not the knock-you-off-your-feet variety. It starts with some fruit (plum, peach) continues with the gardenia, rose and jasmine trio and finally the base of vanilla and musk. This is a bright, sunny fragrance with no dark notes anywhere. Like other Terry fragrances, it’s a well blended mix which I find very suitable for all daytime activities. KEEP ON READING

Terry de Gunzburg – Parti Pris – Soft Tuberose – Great for the Non-Fanatics

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Parti PrisNow this perfume house sneaked up on me without prior notice. One of my perfume orders from Essenza Nobile included a sample called ‘Bleu Paradis’ by  Terry de Gunzburg. I had never heard of it, tried it and – started my new order… This post though is not about ‘Bleu Paradis’ (I might have to write something about that fragrance shortly as well), but it got me interested in other Terry de Gunzburg fragrances.

Terry is a make-up artist and used to be creative director of Yves Saint Laurent before she started her own successful cosmetics line in 1998. Her perfumes are created with the help of perfumers from Robertet, Grasse. KEEP ON READING

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