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Relationships teach us a lot

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Both the relationships between fragrances and those with friends can teach us a lot, as I found out this last week. I mentioned before the joys of having like-minded perfumisters and perfumsistas to chat to about this obsession with Obsession and craving for Chaos. This month one of mine tipped me off to a delicacy I simply had to try: Mauboussin de Mauboussin.

I made a small financial investment (very small – this is not expensive) and the three-sided pyramidal bottle is now on my dresser. My friend Pia from Olfiction  had been the catalyst for this, as she felt there was a similarity between Mauboussin and Femme de Rochas, a classic plum and leather chypre. I have a great fondness for chypres, and leather ones in particular, treasuring my tiny bottle of vintage Femme extrait. Even though the top notes of my bottle are starting to ‘turn’ to the burnt, hairspray-like sharpness of damage, the heart and base are still beautiful and I have vowed to wear this rapidly-fading beauty as much as possible while it still glows like a plum-coloured lantern. KEEP ON READING

Flashes of appealing simplicity

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I already gave a full review of my stand-out favourite of Andy Tauer’s Tauerville Flash range, Fruitchouli Flash, which turned out to be a happy modern peachy chypre that reminded me of Mitsouko. I have to let you in on a secret – I think Andy has had another little brush with the classic Guerlain fairy, more of which in a moment.

I’ve tried the whole range and overall I will say that I don’t think these fragrances have the complexity of Andy’s main line. However, this isn’t a complaint, because he has reduced his prices significantly with the Flashes and this must have an effect on the ingredients he uses. As a perennially skint perfumista, I applaud this. To be able to buy niche fragrance at high street prices is a wonderful thing. And of course, affordability also enables people like me to think about getting really funky with fragrance and layering, which is something I think the Flashes would be really good for. KEEP ON READING

Sneaky chypre in a flash

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Andy Tauer’s Fruitchouli Flash was a fragrance I had to grit my teeth before applying. You know I said I’m not much of a fan of florals? Well I like fruitchoulis even less. At least you know where you are with a flower even if you don’t fond of it. I struggled through the era of ghastly, cloying fruitchoulis (the bane of every elevator at the time) and was very glad to see the genre start to die back a little. Then Andy did this to me.

Now I am an unashamed Andy Tauer fangirl, and I have been ever since I made the pilgrimage to Spiegelgasse in Zurich to visit his friend Pascal’s medieval bookshop and try the Tauer perfumes, which used to be attached to a bookcase outside the front door by lengths of string. I fell in love with L’Air du Desert Marocain and it is still one of my favourite perfumes, one I turn to regularly for its ability to be perfect in any situation. I like most of Andy’s fragrances, and love a few of them, with only a handful being full-blown misses for me. With a record like that, how could Andy make something as gruesome as a *gasp* Fruitchouli? KEEP ON READING

Amber Flash…and the G-R-O-W-I-N-G Cult of Tauerville

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tauerville amber flash

You just love how Andy Tauer does it time and again. From L’Air Du Desert Marocain to Vetiver Dance, Incense Extreme, and to the recent and wildly popular success of the Tauerville ‘Flash’ series the gap between mere mortals making perfume and Andy Tauer is widening-naturally-by default but it’s supposed to be that way.

Andy Tauer is way up ‘here’ whilst everyone else is still scrambling, and assembling to miraculously discovery an itinerary. With the subtle encroachment of The Tauerville Flash series in the bourgeoning niche perfume market they have done that-and then some-with their latest wonder: Amber Flash. And by all means it is wonder, a magnificent amber kind of wonder. KEEP ON READING

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