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Tabacora Parfums

You have NEVER quite smelled anything like this before…The Chariots of Love Collection from Tabacora Parfums.

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The Chariots of Love Collection by Tabacora Perfumes will usher you to Providence in 2016 faster than any other acclaimed perfume or arcane route taken. Tabacora Perfumes, they are indeed that much more Mystifying. The experience is akin to the ‘Metaphysical’ as pure unadulterated Concentrated Perfume Oil dances oh so effortlessly on the skin serenading it with beautiful notes of resins, woods, ambers, florals, spices, herbs and a special duet courtesy of Gurjum (Balsam) and Cypriol (Nagarmotha). The quality of the perfumes are uncompromising but amazingly regal splendor and unapologetically Oriental. The scent of the orient is captured almost lifelike utilizing the themes: KEEP ON READING

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