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Stephane Humbert Lucas 777

Histoires de Parfums Irrévérent and Outrecuidant

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Irrévérent and Outrecuidant are two of three new releases by the French brand, Histoires de Parfums (the other one is Prolixe, which was unavailable when I was buying samples). I’m always interested in sampling the new releases from Histoires de Parfums, as it was one of the first niche houses I loved, but in the last few years, I just haven’t been able to keep up. Luckily, while browsing a French site, I spotted samples of the newest Histoires de Parfums fragrances and just jumped on it. And I’m glad I did, because both are pretty darned great. KEEP ON READING

Roses Volume IV

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This installment covers a jammy rose, an attar of roses, a cologne-style rose-oud, and a dusky oriental rose.

Rose Flash by Andy Tauer Tauerville

Food & Drink
Rhubarb Strawberry Jam | Slim Pickin&;s Kitchen

The Tauerville project is very interesting because it’s an acknowledgment by a perfumer that sometimes we are just looking for a rough and dirty fix on an ingredient – a whistled tune rather than a full scale opera. Rose Flash is a forceful exposition of an idea of rose as an edible, attar-like confection, made to satisfy a base hunger that more delicate or more complex rose creations cannot. KEEP ON READING

My ten autumn perfect perfumes

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I’ve always loved autumn, even as a child. Of course, a child loves most things anyway, but even if the arrival of autumn meant the end of summer holiday’s freedom and the beginning of a new school term, I still loved autumn. The colours drove me wild with excitement. I used to spend hours collecting the most beautiful fallen leaves for the collage projects we always had going in the art class during autumn months. I loved the smells too, the smoke of burnt dead leaves, the damp scent of foggy mornings, the tangy sweet aroma of soft fruit fermenting on the ground, the huge yellow and white chrysanthemums from my grandma’s garden, and that dark, mossy forest smell of autumn soil slowly warming up in the gentle, pallid glow of October sun. KEEP ON READING

Short olfactive-attention span? Give these a sniff!

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Small disclaimer, I have a very minute, undocumented case of ADHD. It rears its little head in the most obscure facets of my life, like, my sense of smell. I love fragrances, obviously, but what I do not love, are fragrances that tend to be linear. No matter how beautiful. No matter how masterfully executed. If any fragrance smells the same at hour two and hour five, ten or even thirty-six on my skin, :cough: Bois d”Argent :/cough: then I might as well wear lotion pour le corps from aisle 13. KEEP ON READING

Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist: the lunar maiden

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Iris is not really my thing. Or it wasn’t until a while ago. Some of it still isn’t for me: the chilly hauteur of Chanel no.19, the crisp, intriguing cleanliness of Prada Infusion d’Iris, the classic elegance of Hermès Hiris or the aldehydic sophistication of Chanel 31, Rue Cambon.

I partially blame my lack of Iris refinement on my growing up years. I wasn’t one of those children that could remember their mothers coming to kiss them goodnight surrounded by clouds of fine perfume: Shalimar, Chanel no.5, Opium or other iconic fragrances. Alas, in a communist Romania, my mother and I were lucky if we had our next cheap deo spray lined up. The market was completely devoid of any luxury products and more often than not of the bare necessity ones too. My olfactory memories consist mostly of my mother’s fabulous cooking aromas and the multitude of smells around my grandmother’s household. So many fascinating odours from the honeyed, deeply intoxicating fragrance of her huge, velvety, dark red roses to the less than pleasant but somehow homely and soothing waft coming from the chicken’s house. There were herbs of all sorts too and linden blossoms, chamomile and mint and a lot more flowers than just roses: lillies of the valley and narcissi, stargazer lillies and pure white lillies, geraniums and so on. And then in the late summer and autumn the smells of the fermented soft fruit fallen on the ground and of the sweet grapes being crushed to make homemade wine. Yes, I was a happy child surrounded by love and nature, even if I didn’t get to surreptitiously sniff my mother’s perfumes, for the simple reason there weren’t any. KEEP ON READING

Nur Parfum Nektar by SoOud

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Nur Parfum Nektar has 3 tiers, or rather 3 beds; a bed of fruit, a bed of leather and a bed of vanilla.

Food & Drink
Citrus Fruit

Bed of fruit: Lying in this bed of fruits, I detect the most succulent mango and apricot, ripe, pleasantly tart and freshly juiced. On initial spray the apricot comes off zesty, even effervescent. It has a 3D prickly quality to it, which I believe, is aided by the fuzzy herb Artemisia. Just about all the notes pay a visit at this stage, the buttery iris, the rawness of the Russian leather (think Cuir de Russie) and the suppleness and sweetness of the vanilla and amber. Key players, and probably the underlying masculinity to what would otherwise be a fruit-plosion to the senses. This was love at first sniff, but it gets better. KEEP ON READING

Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777- Black Gemstone

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Not wanting to be know artis

Don’t mind my little scribble scratch. That’s just what came to mind one morning after applying 3 or so sprays of Black Gemstone. It’s safe to say that Sir Gemstone wouldn’t be voted Most Popular in a high school yearbook. Sir Gemstone barely made it to Senior Photo Day after all, but in a short span of four years, Sir Gemstone transitioned from the decaying Goth aesthetic to full blown avant-garde!

Black Gemstone has an extreme case of A.D.H.D. and that works very well with my own A.D.H.D. Every wearing, I am delighted with a different facet of Gemstone. You have the ashy, bone dry Gemstone, the resinous growth upon one’s skin Gemstone, tart lemon with a hint of molten tar Gemstone, burning rubber Gemstone and my favorite days are when all facets come together harmoniously for the first 4 hours. That’s what I like to call, the chaotic-toddler after a 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew- Gemstone.  Mmmm mmm, I love me some fragrances with chaos. KEEP ON READING

Combating the Cold: Five Fragrances Gentlemen Need This Year.

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"Every man needs a good wood..."

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