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Mon Dieu, mon Dieu – this release is a shocker! While I am writing this, I feel like Belmondo in the photo above. I am enjoying the new Frédéric Malle release “Monsieur.” Mon Dieu indeed – this is one of the rare, almost groundbreaking perfume experiences we all are living for (more or less). The first spray leaves you puzzled, enough so that you want to…

Paul Emilien is a new name on the perfume scene, as of 2014. Based in Grasse, France, he seems to be the artistic director of the brand, and the perfumer or perfumers behind the six perfumes launched in 2014 have not been named. Here below is my review of two of Paul Emilien’s perfumes, L’Espirit Divin and Une Belle Journee. The…

Wardasina by Sospiro has been garnering a lot of attention recently, especially on Facebook fragrance groups, where it is frequently mentioned as the ne-plus-ultra of rose fragrances for men. Early reviews are saying that it is the best rose and tobacco combination on the market. Since I am on a bit of a rose quest at the moment, and I…

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