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Nur Parfum Nektar by SoOud

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Nur Parfum Nektar has 3 tiers, or rather 3 beds; a bed of fruit, a bed of leather and a bed of vanilla.

Food & Drink
Citrus Fruit

Bed of fruit: Lying in this bed of fruits, I detect the most succulent mango and apricot, ripe, pleasantly tart and freshly juiced. On initial spray the apricot comes off zesty, even effervescent. It has a 3D prickly quality to it, which I believe, is aided by the fuzzy herb Artemisia. Just about all the notes pay a visit at this stage, the buttery iris, the rawness of the Russian leather (think Cuir de Russie) and the suppleness and sweetness of the vanilla and amber. Key players, and probably the underlying masculinity to what would otherwise be a fruit-plosion to the senses. This was love at first sniff, but it gets better. KEEP ON READING

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