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Behold…..the SEA!

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Nature & Scenery

If there is one example of the musical arts that to me encapsulates the full majesty of the sea, in all its splendor and glory, it can be found in the opening bars of Ralf Vaughn Williams’ first symphony – his ‘Sea Symphony’ (you can hear those initial magnificent bars asking us to ‘Behold – the Sea’ at But what about the olfactory arts that we have come to love and admire – how do perfumers fare in their quest to evoke the sea, in all its variations and magnificence? Let’s take a walk down to the beach (or harbor) and see what fragrances are available to envelop us in the oceanic world and assess how they perform in terms of their ability to replicate our seaside perceptions. KEEP ON READING

Let’s Go to the Beach!

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It’s hot outside, summer is here with all the features: sunshine and high temperatures making everybody wanting something to feel cooler even for a few minutes. This is the perfect time for daydreaming about vacation , I’m counting the days until I’ll reach the beach and dip in the sea.

From the perspective of a perfume lover I will not stop today at summer fresh, citrus fragrances neither at the aquatic, sea breeze perfumes like Aria di Mare or Acqua di Sale but I would like to share with you my favorite scents reminding me the beach. All these beachy scents with their big flowers like gardenia, tuberose, tiare or ylang , hints of coconut and juicy fruits have in common the suntan lotion vibe, bringing instantly the smell of vacation. They are sweet, some of them even gourmand, having usually in the base notes amber or vanilla with musk as a memento of  the suntanned skin, saturated of course with bronzing lotions and creams. KEEP ON READING

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