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Wear a leather jacket

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It’s getting chillier and after my last post about Chypres, I started thinking about other categories of fragrance that might be good at this time of year. It’s the perfect time of year to re-organise your cupboards for a new season and bring out the leather.

Leather fragrances, like chypres, hark back to the age of glamour and romance, summed up by the classic movies of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Can’t you picture Cary Grant or Kathryn Hepburn wise-cracking and arching an eyebrow sardonically while wearing crisp tailoring and smelling elegantly of leather with a faint hint of roses or sandalwood? KEEP ON READING

Relationships teach us a lot

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Both the relationships between fragrances and those with friends can teach us a lot, as I found out this last week. I mentioned before the joys of having like-minded perfumisters and perfumsistas to chat to about this obsession with Obsession and craving for Chaos. This month one of mine tipped me off to a delicacy I simply had to try: Mauboussin de Mauboussin.

I made a small financial investment (very small – this is not expensive) and the three-sided pyramidal bottle is now on my dresser. My friend Pia from Olfiction  had been the catalyst for this, as she felt there was a similarity between Mauboussin and Femme de Rochas, a classic plum and leather chypre. I have a great fondness for chypres, and leather ones in particular, treasuring my tiny bottle of vintage Femme extrait. Even though the top notes of my bottle are starting to ‘turn’ to the burnt, hairspray-like sharpness of damage, the heart and base are still beautiful and I have vowed to wear this rapidly-fading beauty as much as possible while it still glows like a plum-coloured lantern. KEEP ON READING

The problem of mugginess

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As the weather turns from the beautiful warm summer we’ve enjoyed in Wales this year, and we move towards what I hope will be a gloriously colourful autumn, this week I felt a bit stuck. Mugginess had me stymied.

You may have noticed that my fragrance choices are very much dictated by the weather. I’m lucky not to work in an office, so I don’t have to worry about wearing perfumes that are ‘office appropriate’ and when I do have to go to a meeting, there is Chanel No. 19. (Meetings were what No 19 was created for, surely?) So I can pretty much follow my instincts with what I choose to wear each day. I’m a massive fan of greens and citruses in the summer, but in autumn I tend to turn – like the leaves – to ambers. These are the scent equivalent of cosy fuzzy jumpers – not the full-blown winter warmers that you need to keep the frost at bay, but soothing, enveloping comfort scents that are as obvious and easy to wear at this time of year as a cashmere hoody. KEEP ON READING

Three Perfumes from Apotoker Tepe

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With hundreds of new perfumes launched each year, a new scent has to have something more going for it than mere novelty to attract my attention, since my interest in new perfumes is really just a sideline to my obsession with vintage perfumes, but I was immediately intrigued by Apoteker Tepe, a thoughtful, independent line of perfumes created by Holladay Penick Saltz...

Florals that Bloom in the Summer Heat

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I’m not normally that into florals – especially the white kind – but I have to admit that there is something about the summer heat that is making me crave them right now. The hot sun seems to activate their lurid, blowsy side and to dim their rather prim, pretty aspects, and this is an effect I like.  So, despite myself, I find myself charmed by the lush, almost tropical miasma of white petals radiating off my hot, sticky skin. I will enjoy them while I can because I know that as soon as cool weather approaches, I will want to set these aside. KEEP ON READING

Paradise in a bottle: Songes by Annick Goutal

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Do you remember which was your very first niche scent? I do. This month I celebrate symbolically 4 years since everything started. The madness, I mean. One curiosity satisfied, then another and another, and so my passion for niche perfumes grew up becoming a never-ending search for perfumes that evoke emotions, far away places, perfumes that shape perfectly my moods and dreams. It all started after I found an article about perfumes connected to different destinations. The girly bottle of Songes tighten with a ribbon full of small golden stars captured immediately my attention. It was described a dreamy tropical scent. Oh, I had to try it! Short after that, I heard for the first time also about Fracas. I needed that one too and so on. My first step into niche realms was not shy at all. It wasn`t about one scent, but six. My God! Six blind bought bottles at once, no kidding. Of course I was naive and impatient and did not order samples first, I needed the full bottles as soon as possible as if it was the end of the world. To name them: Fracas and Visa by Piguet, Caron Montaigne and Bellodgia, Annick Goutal Songes and Lalique Amethyst. I briefly searched some reviews about them before pressing the order bottom, but as much as I tried to imagine how they actually smell I couldn`t. I didn`t had much experience behind regarding the notes, so I waited them to arrive with great expectations. It could turned out to be a total disaster, but fortunately it ended (almost) very good.

I immediately fell madly in love with Visa, which continues to be my favorite scent of all time, I felt myself positively overwhelmed by Fracas which I proudly wear mostly in warm temperatures (yesss, that indolic tuberose blooms erotically in summer), Montaigne was very plush and elegant, Bellodgia made me a bit confuse, it seemed too anachronic, powdery and melancholic, but at the same it showed me a different perspective compared to all mainstream scents I knew untill then, so I saw a good reason to keep it, and Amethyst proved to be such a joyful grown-up fruity with a perfect balance between tart and soft notes. KEEP ON READING

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