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Ombre Indigo: Making an Artistic Statement with Artificiality

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Photography: ©Gustavo Pellizzon

Sometimes, you come across a fragrance that you like and admire, but are also perfectly happy to live without – for me, Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio is one such fragrance.

A fairly unusual take on the well-trodden leather theme, Ombre Indigo sets a syrupy yet tart plum note against an intensely resinous background (benzoin and frankincense) and a rather butch leather note. The petitgrain opening is so sharply green it almost comes off as mentholated, and lends an attractive cold air vibe to the first half hour. The startlingly turquoise color of the liquid itself also adds to the impression of froideur. KEEP ON READING

Blind dates with scents – part II

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I`m continuing the sessions of blind tests, a new approach of testing fragrances I love to do these days. This means that while I test and write the reviews I do not know their names and official ingredients because I chose all the samples randomly and they have been previously wrapped in matte duct tape. I think it`s fun and it proves that our personal perception and judgement is all that counts. On a more personal level this helped me discover some compositions I thought I couldn`t enjoy before. And at the same time, it became clear that my nose might not be impressed at all if a fragrance is top notch if it smells…terrible.

Let the game begin… KEEP ON READING

S-Perfume 100% Love-100% strangely delicious

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S-Perfume 100% Love  is one odd little creature. And why not? It has all the premises for being so. It is the product of a tiny niche perfume line, brainchild of a Japanese artist (more precisely a sculptor involved in various avantgarde art projects), who at that time was living in Brooklyn, his name being Nobi Shioya. Somehow he managed to attract some of the biggest names in perfumery, willing to create according to his artistic vision,cwithout the constraints of a set budget, purely for the sake of art and play. KEEP ON READING

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