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Finding a Signature Cologne – Method or Madness?

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Convinced that I was in desperate need of a ‘signature scent cologne’, something that I could grab at a moment’s notice when professional responsibilities required that I enter other person’s ‘scent circles’, I decided that rather than make a choice in the way I normally would – visit my local supplier and be overwhelmed by the typical perfume prose and return home with bottles that I didn’t really like – which were perceived differently on paper than on my skin or did not fit my personal style –  in short, buying ‘dumb’ as opposed to what I often do – ‘buying blind’ (another one of my perpetual weaknesses, but that is another story), I decided to introduce two principles that might help me make a more objective decision. KEEP ON READING

Nobile 1942 Ponte Vecchio Colonia Maxima: the spirit of the 60’s

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Nobile 1942 Ponte Vecchio

One of the most undervalued lines that I know is Nobile 1942, an artisanal perfume house from Genova, Italy that remains true to niche perfumery traditions without ever trying to wax artistic. They claim to hand-mix their fragrances and they even hand-sign the bottles with your name or the brand of the retailer. I was lucky enough to smell all of their initial releases years ago, their first release Ponte Vecchio and a series of explorations of single notes, amber, musk, lavender if I remember well. I walked out of the shop with a bottle of Ponte Vecchio as I couldn’t resist the emotional load I had detected in this. Ponte Vecchio is not complex or at least it doesn’t come off as such. It is a simple, masculine dry woods scent but out of nowhere, it transported me into a Felini-esque, black-and-white snapshot of Italy and Europe in the 60’s. After the initial accord of freshly cut pale wood, textured with the splinters of the grain of the wood, it continues with an abstract smoky incense accord that slowly polishes the wood but also gives it a grey hue. For a brief moment I also smell a prosecco accord that smells of hot, sunny afternoons. Whiffs of a sharpened pencil, wood shavings and graphite powder alike, make this smell gentlemanly and serious. The base consists mostly of wood and musk, the kind of musk that reminds me of the nuclear and subsonic sillage of CK Be. In this one though the musk does not explode the way it did in CK Be but simply dresses the exceptionally dry heart of Ponte Vecchio with a sense of humanity. KEEP ON READING

The Fougere THEY forgot. Fougere Nobile by Nobile 1942

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You are the Fougere they forgot. All throughout 2015 and parts of 2016 they totally forgot about you.

They forgot about you while other perfumes prospered.

They for forgot about you while everyone celebrated the arrival of Laurent Mazzone’s Cicatrices and Malefic Tatoo.

They forgot about you when Diptyque’s ‘Oud Palao’ hit the scene or when Andy Tauer blessed us with Incense Flash and continued the onslaught into 2016 with Lonesome Rider.

While the Oudh Olympiad continued with Perris Monte Carlo’s ‘Imperial Oudh, Supreme Oudh by Polo and Zafeer Oud Vanille by Alexandre J, Fougere Nobile slipped right by us without a whiff into the land of obscurity. KEEP ON READING

Rudis by Nobile 1942: Empty Promises

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Half an hour into Rudis by Antonio Alessandria for Nobile 1942 and I’m willing to sell my soul for it. I can’t remember the last time I was so bowled over by an opening of a perfume. It smells like expensive whiskey at first, its sheer booziness giving Lubin’s Idole a run for its money, followed by luscious red berries, dark wine, leather, incense, and smoky woods. The first time I wore it, I couldn’t stop muttering “wow!” to myself like a mad woman. I was quite literally intoxicated. KEEP ON READING

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