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Nishane Mūsīqá Oud: what perfume to wear at a screening of “Batman vs Superman”?

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When I started exposing my perfume preoccupation in perfumista forums ages ago I stumbled upon two frequently asked questions that had me completely baffled. They are coming up far too often and are so inexplicably vague and unanswerable, yet it seems that some perfume lovers are desperately seeking for answers.

The first question is “What is the ultimate pantie-dropper men’s fragrance?” or cologne as American boys seem to call their fragrant waters for fear of coming off as too vane using “perfume”. Well my fumehead fellows, how can one answer this question? It depends basically on who the person before whom panties have to drop is. If you look somewhat like anyone that has ever graced with their face a promotional photoshoot for a cologne, don’t worry about it. Sooner or later some panties will drop! If however you belong to the rest of the earth’s male population, the question becomes even more complicated. It also depends on who is wearing the panties! So instead of seeking high and low for this elusive potion that will loosen the fabric of all women’s underwear (I think it’s bleach that eventually does the job after a few washes), it is a lot more pragmatic to wear any cologne that makes you feel happy and direct your attentions towards women who are already not wearing any panties. Makes sense I think! So having excluded model type perfume wearers and non-panties-wearing women, we are still left with a huge part of the population we need to help find their way to the bedroom. Guys I still don’t have an answer to this but my best guess is that if you pay a little bit of attention to the women standing opposite to you and you try to see them as who they really are (not just as pantie hangers) and at the same time yourselves are half decent at being a decent guy, the scent you are wearing will only play a minor part at finding a mate, There isn’t a single woman in the world that will loose her mind over a fragrance and there isn’t a single fragrance in the world that has the power to mask a bad personality. Fragrance is not a roofie!  KEEP ON READING

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