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Nabucco ΓΦΛ / LOV: a day in the desert

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Nabucco is a niche house that actually honours the classification. Their output is very slow, with only three releases since 1997, which is quite unusual by today’s standards. By now a new “niche” brand will emerge with at least six releases, an amber, an iris, a leather, a tuberose, a patchouli, a rose and a La-Vie-est-Belle-type of inedible praline. These are accompanied by a corporate storytelling emphasising the quality of materials, the creativity of the perfumer (on rent from a major chemical company), and a blingy packaging. Nabucco on the other hand released two perfumes in oil format in 1997, accompanied by a dense, hermetic story and they do not disclose their perfumer. Their packaging is monumental and although the price tag is hefty, they are still cheaper than, let’s say the Section d’Or line of Serge Lutens. They do not follow trends and they did not make a huge fuss about their 2014 release of ΓΦΛ / LOV. They describe it as a utopian fragrance and as much as one would be inclined to laugh with this ambitious description, Nabucco is actually the strangest and most ambiguous fragrance I have ever smelled. KEEP ON READING

The Story of Amatys by Nabucco

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The story of Amatys could be told this way…

Once upon a time, in the magical world of scents there was a small fascinating piece of land where the most rare blends made of precious raw materials were created by talented fairies. In this place there have been born some of the most exquisite perfumes such as Guerlain Mon Nectar Precieux, Clive Christian No1 For Woman, Van Cleef & Arpels Orchidee Vanille, Amouage Memoir or Isabey Gardenia to name a few, all of these being small wonders, nectars of life and eternal beauty elixirs, special blends that should never be regarded as common scents. KEEP ON READING

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